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Chapter 4

100 million lives DEMOCIDE

4-USA cost in lives so far 10 million till 2010, rising to 50 - 100 million

Again confirming the lack of humanity a government hell bent on stealing from the poor and killing them to cover it up, can and will go to.

This above again highlights their new benchmark for being poor/ in poverty. It fell from 34.33% of the average wage in 1994 to a mere 23.29% in 2017.

Anything the Leaders, NOT THE PEOPLE of the USA have to say, to my nation, or any other, should be ignored and treated with deserved complete contempt.


Mark M

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Chapter 5

100 million lives DEMOCIDE

5- Lower than low- theft from below the poverty level

THERE ARE NO SPIKES IN CPI .... according to them2000-2008 . There was NO GFC, NO house price rise of 100% between 2000 and pre GFC peak and NO rises in anything else. Hence the missing 25% of CPI shaved off the poor and fixed to CPI income side. Basically the poor lost ... again .. even the stupidest of economists can SEE this is missing. Why cant Yellen or Bernanke ?

Actions so far .... in the USA post 1980

Virtually wiped out its middle class.

Lower middle class resides where working poor/poverty used to be.


Mark M

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chapter 6

100 million lives DEMOCIDE

6- Healthcare USA style, MAD, Mutually Assured Death

Clearly actual USA POPULATION is falling and FALLING quicker than one would expect. PEAK USA population … PEAK …. I suspect something not seen EVER according to USA census, with ZERO NET ILLEGAL immigration, less than a million legal and falling birth rates, increasing DEATH RATES, PEAK USA population likely in 2040 .

With CDC producing a very slow, inaccurate in the extreme, still working on 2014 numbers and even Census using again absurd forward projections in most instances, the fact is, Census likely will revise its estimated 2050 population number DOWNWARDS towards 350 million by 2030. Less than 50 years prior to that, the accurate estimated number would have been around 450 million given present immigration levels and birth rates.

What changed ?

Whoops is that 100 million LESS ? Post 2050 think like Japan if this policy goes on in relation to the USA overall population. An increasing mortality in the lower 80% is NO less devastating on overall population numbers than the issues with Japan.

NB ... sorry for pause .... got some new data and had to look at it ... market meanwhile clearly NOT stopping .... not that I am going to chase the USA one and right here is at the stop loss ... of standing aside and closes much higher than say 2,515 on the S+P 500 and technical model will aim for the next new high which is another 8 % up ....


Mark M

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100 million lives DEMOCIDE

7- What is NOW totally unreliable ? v 25 million loss of life

The reality …. the REAL PICTURE is so obscured by self interest groups that its insane.

Basically these departments use any number, ANY to paint a fiction.

If its CPI, lets remove the GFC housing bubble, if its estimating the cost of medicare say 10 years into the future, Medical costs in the USA for 20 years have risen at 3-4% above reported CPI, which somehow gets lost in the reported CPI numbers BUT NOT … the overall cost. Hard to hide the REAL total cost and its now bumping 20% of GDP in the USA which is impossible for any nation anywhere to fund.

IT is sadly in plain sight. In very plain sight. Meanwhile the USA plays economic terrorism with the rest of the word and corporate criminals and tax thieves sent out to sell products globally but pay no tax, cannot go on.

We can imitate the USA, and develop a wonderful two tiered system where the elite live 30 years longer than the poor. Some elites feeling guilty on one hand collect 3-5 billion in non payment of tax each year and then do good, giving it away to even poorer nations …. but half that TAX theft comes not from inside the USA … they are trying to enforce their view upon the rest of the world if allowed. Simple as that. Nations loosing 3% of GDP in tax to these crooks has to stop, or not.

Only reliable thing I can tell you is if Trump tax plan and 20% corporate tax is a reality in the USA, every person on over 250,000- even $200,000- will find it worth their wile to pay themselves into a company and legally and totally avoid paying 30% personal income tax, avoid likely 12% social security and avoid likely 4% medicare tax.

NONE of the USA reported economic statistics post 2000 bear much relationship to reality. All have been sprayed with flower dust to make them smell pretty.

The sad irreversible reality is NOT a mere 25 million but closer to 50 million are already LOST.

What is reliable is the following.

40% of Americans HAVE NO retirement savings outside Social Security.

In 2017 the USA had the LOWEST NET POPULATION GROWTH since 1937. It was NOT falling immigration, NOR net illegal IMMIGRATION …. NOR lack of baby births … they had and still remain LOW and falling but have been around the 1.7 births per woman for the past 10 years. The FALL had to do with massive and SCARY falls in expected/actual mortality.


just a few bits in the chapter ….


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Paused Again

Bottom line, the lower 80% of USA, 260 million people, since the DRIP DOWN economic experiment started in 1980 have LOST … 6 years of life. The top 1% will always have life expectancy of top of OECD plus 5-8 years and USA no different. Even the top 10% are OECD plus 5 years, the top 20% enjoy on average in the USA OECD best so 84 years PLUS 3 years, so 87 years, the LOWER 80% already are at 72 years and falling.

Without a doubt, with almost 100% confidence, the number will fall to 67 in coming years.

Will be back with chapter 8 in a few days ... and so on .. apologies for the delay ....

Cheers Mark


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100 million lives DEMOCIDE

8- Worst case scenario 100 million loss of TOTAL life, 285 million loose 25 years of potential life

How the hell CAN 80% OF a population loose 10 years life expectancy compared to the rest of the world in a mere 30 years ? Its called DRIP DOWN Economics and not taxing the rich, not funding either medicare, which Was free essentially in 1985 now costing close to $300,000- for a couple and a projected $400,000- by 2025 or 100% of the pension paid to USA retiree's of whom 40% …. HAVE NO OTHER SAVINGS.

and a bit latter ....

anyhow back soon with chapter 8A … The Title of it … will have to be decided.

This IS not being anti USA, the fact is, of OECD nations, NONE of the 48 has seen a move like this. Nations that HAVE allowed for healthcare and pensions for elderly and life expectancy is NEAR OECD highs as it was 30 years ago, HAVE NOT done so at any cost economically. NONE.

Germany and Japan and all EU nations. Some the USA looks down its nose at, adopted a BEST case, as their model back in the 1980's have seen massive gains in both overall life expectancy such as say Singapore rising from age 70 about 6 years under best OECD back in 1985 to age 82 expectancy a near high result now.

This has NOTHING to do with stimulating economies, GDP growth or drip down effects, Japan and Germany have OUTERFORMED USA in BOTH post 1980. And in this their PEOPLE have also enjoyed the expected benefits in terms of spread of wealth and LIFE EXPECTACY. USA meanwhile has bankrupted the lower 50%, even the lower 80% have HALF what they did. Life itself already shortened 10 years in relative terms, is assured to hit 15 years no matter what. Unfortunately, past scientific results assure me sadly that 20 years LOST if likely if not 25.

All so Mr Trump. Buffet, Gates and the Oligarchy of corporate and self interest groups pays no tax. I cant imagine NOT paying any tax to a modern government for someone born with a disability. Sadly, these proud Oligarchy members have done so with the blessing of the rest of the world. SO lets cut taxes, make it official and export our own form of GREED and Genocide to the rest of the world. IT does work, if that's their goal, extreme wealth and income inequality, extreme variances in basic life expectancy bordering on the obscene forms of genocide practised in the past. Please don't ban plastic bags before they have finished as they MAY need them !!


Back with a new chapter and possibly a few headline stories ... as this deserves topics all of its own ... DEMOGRAPHIC, and other things already uncovered ... just not obvious till pointed out their significance.

take care

8- Worst case scenario 100 million loss of TOTAL life, 285 million loose 25 years.pdf

Mark M

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