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  1. W

    Opinions on my beginning strategy

    Hi all, I'm about to start dabbling in shares, particularly ETFs from Vanguard. I am completely new to this and haven't held shares before but I have read a little bit, with that in mind please excuse my ignorance on things and please correct me if I misunderstand some things. I'm at a stage in...
  2. aussiedaytrader

    ASX200 Day trading: comments, analysis and opinions

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if any day traders in ASX 200 index (futures or CFD) around here? I am planning to keep a kind of trading journal in here with my comments and opinions related to aussie index and looking for day trades or short term trades - note that this is not intended to be any...
  3. B

    First post intro/questions/opinions

    Hi all, New to the forum and was looking for some info / opinions on investment options. Recently just sold off some investment properties and have some capital laying around collecting a measly 3% return in the bank. i want to look at investing outside of the property market but I'm not...
  4. Steve C

    New computer - opinions

    Hi everyone, I am currently customizing a budget system that will get me the best gear I can for around the $1000-1200 dollar mark. Main uses of the system will be for work/study, some gaming and of course systems testing through amibroker/ninja trader (eventually!) Can I please get your...
  5. kahuna1

    Opinions vary... An alternative view on the markets

    Its been a while :} Markets ... basically even more worried for the future despite the Greek solution overnight. Longer term it was a pimple in the overall situation and does everyone everywhere take a haircut ? The total debt problem even for the EU worries me ... for the USA the...
  6. M

    Opinions on market movers

    As I read the discussions in the trading strategies/systems forum I wonder about the following. The market moves significantly with the actions of large players that right or is it less definable than that? What are the trading strategies, motivations and reactions of the large players...
  7. S

    Formal trading education - opinions please

    HI All, Just new to the forum and looking for some opinions on formal trading education. Now doing my home work i can only find one company in the whole of australia that has their training endorsed by the various government bodies, The Sharemarket College. Now these guys want 10k...
  8. T

    HotCopper - Experiences & Opinions

    Just wondering what peoples views, thoughts, experiences and thoughts are of HotCopper?? My experience is it can get very hot and nasty on some threads and can be a good place to learn self control.
  9. M

    Fat Prophets - opinions?

    Recently I have been considering to subscribe to Fat Prophets. They seems to perform quite well and their idea "Buy in gloom, sell in boom" looks like good one. In fact I've used this approach myself for long time and it worked for me. Now I have many other things to do and really keen to have...