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Top of this cycle for ASX 200, cash is king?

This is absurd.

USA is reporting about 23,000 Convid19 new cases a day.

Canada and UK are having about 50% that rate per million population.

Germany and Italy are having about 10% that rate per million population.

Australia and New Zealand are reporting 1% of the USA rate of infections.

EU and Aus and NZ locked down for double the time.

USA is opening up with on the main less restrictions than every other nation,
with 10 times more infections being identified each day verses EU.

Yesterday USA announced some vaccine showed promise. It may or may not work, about 5% of stage one trails make it to being approved. At the same time President DR Trump announced he was taking a dangerous drug for malaria which has now being scientifically tested in 5 studies with diabolical results.

That USA recently announced another drug worked, which again has massive and extreme side effects, yet half the approval board was either in the employ of the drug company or had been. This new Vaccine, so far only a director of the company now resigned is running the USA government development program for Covid19 vaccine. No conflict of interest seen at all !!!

Are we to believe this new vaccines results are real ? The last drug, an anti viral has NOT released the full study a even month latter. What was released, was not a control group study, it was not blind tested and serious side effects were removed from results just to name a few things. It was even OPEN LABEL making it more of a joke. Oh and the trial was run under the drug companies supervision. Nothing like cherry picking who is included. A total farce !!

Is this new vaccine one with promise ? When the President of the USA is actually promoting a dangerous drug proven to be fatal ? Is it bleach or some other insane cure ?

Of course the narrative is go back to work USA, its safe. The vaccine company did say possibly by January 2021 they MAY have a vaccine.

That is at best, maybe … possibly … 5% chance given past 2000 odd clinical trials that get approved from stage 1 and the USA thinks its safe ?

We have NO idea right now how long these antibodies even last. NONE. About 4 weeks is the longest measured time so far.

Too hard to work out what is hot air and reality.

Meanwhile, USA locked down for half the time will send its workers back. Some states encourage people to report people NOT going back to their jobs.

This with 10 times more infected people being identified than Germany and Italy ?

100 times more than Australia and NZ ?

And maybe, maybe in 8 months 10 days, so 255 days, MAYBE there is a vaccine which will take months to deploy at best.

What happens in those 255 days, if not quite a bit longer, till a valid vaccine is found ?

Germany and EU nations are being ultra cautious as they open back up as is Australia and NZ. Will America get more or less infections post this date than Germany or Italy adjusted for population ?

Does American leadership even care ? Clearly via action not at all !!

Whilst its irrelevant for now if this vaccine works eventually, we likely face 8 plus more months of extreme social distancing for those outside Australia and NZ. How far does the USA go from 90,000 deaths reported in the meantime ?

I suspect in years to come this period will be studied by historians and others with complete disbelief at the reality here, now, today USA time 18th May 2020.

Whilst positive the Moderna results, that they produced antibodies in animal testing already was known. Hardly a big thing that the same occurs in human apes as opposed to tests the already did on monkeys.

Second there are 100 or so vaccines under investigation, of which 8 outside China and 4 inside are in stage one trials. OF them including Moderna around 5 show promise. Two of them are Chinese.

Stage one trials are to make sure the vaccine does not kill people or cause massive side effects. This Moderna trial was on 8 people.

OF stage one trials, only 5% make it to a vaccine or drug being approved. Possibly this number will be higher, but its unlikely. Reason being, is that in stage 2,3 trails many are found to show promise initially, but fail when tested more widely.

A vaccine that kills 1 person in 500 is not an effective vaccine. At this stage we have no idea if the antibodies supposedly shown actually protect against infection. Again a crucial question. Does it work on elderly people and if so how well ? Vaccines tend to not be as effective, ever, on elderly people.

The list of questions yet to be answered is massive. Whilst yes, getting antibodies is a positive, its virtually meaningless at this stage. As 2020 progresses its likely of the 100 vaccines under development we see likely half of them enter clinical trials. I DO remain positive about a vaccine being found over time, but, relaxing and rejoining in the meantime for a very infected nation is idiotic. Virus is holding it own party for the imbeciles.

One hand one must have hope there is a vaccine yet to be found that will work. Realistically an at best time frame is not January 2021 but mid 2021 for a meaningful deployment and vaccination of people to be making any impact.

Think about that, think about a person touting an already proven to be dangerous Malaria drug in charge of anything to do with a vaccine being developed. Are you kidding ?

If your reading this from a high infection nation where the virus is very active and widespread, social distance. Wear a bloody mask. Even entering a lift with 7 people in it when infection rates are 100 times our own is a game of Russian roulette.

That a vaccine MAY or may not be ready by January 2021 makes no difference if you get this virus prior to that date or more likely a July 1st 2021 realistic time for the vaccine being seriously deployed.

Lastly, yet again, people getting reinfected remains a thing that cannot be ignored. There are over 1,000 cases so far. One can pretend of course, however its becoming clear this question needs to be fully resolved. So too how long antibodies last after it. Again on the latter its appearing more encouraging, however people who get infected again or get sick again and again, is contradicting this. Did they get false negative tests when still actively infected ? Is it dead virus being shed, which cannot be the case for some who fall seriously ill weeks and now months after being released.

Too much delusional rubbish. Economic impacts on world economies are to be ignored in favour of a President who is promoting taking bleach ?

Denial, political BS … or being told something is irrelevant or incorrect whilst likely 200,000 more Americans die between now and the vaccine is sadly clear.

That's close to 300,000 dead Americans by end of January 2021 at best.Add to that around double that number with extreme long term damage to organs and lungs from the virus.

Will they elect someone who managed to test a total of 121 Americans by 1st March 2020 ?

On 5th March 2,188 tests for 330 million Americans is good ?

Or 8,332 tested by 10th March for 330 million people ?

Even by 15th March 2020 a mere 39,448- tests for 330 million people is and will always be pathetic.

One cannot write what one hopes for about President of the USA and touted magic cures along with self medication when the above numbers, and current actions, will likely KILL 300,000 Americans. About 250,000 MORE than would have occurred if they acted like German or NZ or Australia.

Pathetic whilst congratulating themselves every step of the way. Attacking and blaming everyone else, other nations, other parties, even officials he appointed. What does Hillary Clinton or Obama have to do with the virus ? Or a long list of others he attacks.

America has a real chance of dissolving prior to a vaccine being developed. People and its people, now worthless serfs do actually matter. They have worth. Since your not wearing a sign around your neck when infected, I would be concerned if I was one of those elites or imbeciles. No guns needed, just go to a protest march to liberate people and cough. Burger Mr President ?

Back when USA hit 125,000 deaths which is on or around June 26th 2020.

The rest, I cant watch any longer. I would wish it went away magically, like a child, reality and scientists tell a very sobering and clinically backed assured outcome for 2020. Is it time for another tantrum ? That works for many.

Whilst USA yet again tried the highs, the reality of this situation actually overrides ... EVERYTHING.

USA bailed out the big end of town, ignored the people. Corporate socialism. Tax cut of 100 billion for the rich ... slush fund for large corporations and bugger all for the small local stores or people.

Meanwhile, the world looks upon the USA not for leadership or mirth laughing at the clown, its now pity. Pity ... people globally feel for the USA. I have no idea where say EU and USA trade is after this but if China USA trade is any guide its not going to be good.

Ignoring that, possibly a large high rise ... is now not worth much and deflation will occur ... irrespective of bailouts. Does the bond market tumble or the currency ? States and cities left to fend for themselves are now broke along with nearly all outside the top 20% .

One should of course support the economy at times like this but people first. That the USA actually believes it can rack up debt and promises to repay in unlimited size whilst slashing tax collected worked for Greece ... Argentina time and again so too hundreds of nations.

With likely 5% more out of work for 5 years, and USA penchant for just removing them from being reported the tent population on the streets most cities have is assured to explode.

lets rally the USA stocks some more !!