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  1. MovingAverage

    Where are you parking your cash?

    Spoke to a few banks today about parking a chunk of cash in a 6-12 mth term bloody depressing. Curious to hear what opinions you might be considering for your cash in relation to chasing a “reasonable” interest rate?
  2. SirRumpole

    You could be a criminal for paying $10,000 in cash

    Proposed changes to laws could make people criminals if they pay more than $10,000 in cash for goods or services. It's obviously designed to crack down on the black economy but it also intrudes on our rights to pay for what we buy in the way we choose. Is it good or bad legislation ...
  3. Garpal Gumnut

    Will be in Cash 100% 12th July 2019

    Technical analysis provides some rationality, in relation to market action. Fundamental analysis is useless. I cannot see the ASX which is where a significant amount of my funds rested advancing beyond 6400. Thus by the end of this week I will totally in cash. I may even buy myself an...
  4. J

    Fee to deposit cash into my online broking account

    Hi there. I'm just getting started and tonight I set up an online trading account with CMC. Their fees on trades seem reasonable but then when I looked at the "How do I fund my account" section, looks like I got to pay 0.6% of the deposit amount to deposit cash into my CMC account...
  5. Eddie_E

    Reserving cash for a correction / crash?

    Hey, just wondering how many of you leave cash aside waiting for a market correction or crash? Don't get me wrong I have a lot invested in stocks for the future, so would be prepared to ride the storm if one occurs but I'm also seeing companies riding on insane P/Es (pro medicus and nanosonics)...
  6. kahuna1

    Top of this cycle for ASX 200, cash is king?

    Oh well ... times change and times are the same. Same stuff new thread, the old one is locked, I have been ... busy. Will periodically update some stuff. Merry Christmas and happy 2019. My very very large brain is hurting .... OH and that's something I have issues with even repeating !! The...
  7. Bendonovan

    Newby with lots of cash

    firstly, sorry if my title comes across as bigheaded. I just thought it would get straight to the point. If it helps I am a voluntary charity worker for most of my working week. So.....I have recently run into a heap of money via inheritance. A million dollars roughly. I’m 35 years of age...
  8. Garpal Gumnut

    Go To Cash or General Forum to Talk about A Guy Called Brett

    Time to go to Cash Comrades. Property going to crap. 1% + loss today on ASX. October. Time to go to Cash Comrades.
  9. qldfrog

    Cash: an endangered species

    With negative interest rates speading and governments all over the world are trying to take full control of their citizens assets, and I can not help noticing a more and more obvious campaign to kill cash. In the absence of cash, negative interest rates, levies and full control on citizen...
  10. A

    Cash in the bank?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask for some general advise while I understand you cannot give financial advise and I must do at my own risk. I am currently 28, married with 1 son and renting. I currently have $30,000 in the stock market, mostly of which are in the AU market. They are mostly made...
  11. qldfrog

    Cash saving account for family trust

    Anyone knowing where you can open a decent return saving account for a family trust (corporate trustee) I suspect UBank does not accept application from trusts (to be confirmed: i just asked Ubank) if anyone has been through this search before, I would appreciate their feedback
  12. S

    What is the exposure of US SPX500 Cash?

    which indexes has the lowest exposure?
  13. TPI

    Optimum % of cash to hold to buy stocks in dips

    Hi, I read that the Montgomery Private Fund has held on average 30% cash since inception, but still managed to outperform their index benchmarks. For value investors looking to buy more stocks when they go on sale, what % of your portfolio do you hold in cash for this purpose? I find...
  14. Philo Beddoe

    Novice With Large Sum Of Cash

    Say I have a sum of cash (around 400k) sitting in a term deposit that is about to mature at only 3.25% Could anyone recommend some alternative options I could look at that would give me better returns? It would need to be uncomplicated because I am a COMPLETE novice. I don't want to buy...
  15. pixel

    Crime Pays - Cash

    We share traders are in the wrong business, it appears:
  16. MrBurns


    I wonder what the bank wil charge me to hold my money ?..........just thinking into the future after todays cut.:rolleyes:
  17. S

    Broker with the best interest rate on cash?

    Can anyone tell me which Australian online broker offers the best return on your uninvested cash? I'm with Etrade at the moment but am thinking of changing brokers as they offer a pretty miserable return on any cash sitting in your account, especially on balances under $50,000. According...
  18. sam76

    Companies with cash backing above MC

    let em rip. RED: MC - $21,000,000 CB - $30,000,000