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Ryan's Trading Journal (F/A+T/A Strategy)


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22 September 2015
As some of you may be aware, I recently got a job as a sell side equities analyst with a firm. I was previously basing my stock picks and research from their material and disclosing them to you guys via the stocks that I hold.

As I am now privy to information within the business and the trading policy that I have to adhere to as an employee of the business, it is difficult to maintain the current trading strategy as I will not be able to enter/exit as quickly as I could have previously on covered stocks.

Through my attempt over the past 6 months at trying to combine fundamental and technical within my trading plan, I have also noticed that my performance have be sub par at the most and that there is too much discretion in my decision making.

Since i begun work in my new role, I have been thinking about how I can still trade without fundamentals and I have always loved @peter2 & @tech/a 's work on the forum and their strategies that they employs.

Moving forward, I will be employing a new trading plan to suit my current situation and needs.
  • The trading plan will be reliant on technical analysis more so than ever (up to 90%) with a top-down overlay.
  • I will be trading a 10 period breakout with high volume and the time frame of holding will be much shorter than my previous strategy.
  • My preferred pool of stocks will be sitting in the Mini and Small Caps zone (as far away as possible from my firm's coverage).
  • I will be starting a position with roughly 3-4% of my starting capital with the expectation to scale into a position should the price action strengthen.

When I have gained more experience in fundamental analysis and when I begin my Masters of Applied Finance next year, I want to specialize in Bottom up analysis with a focus on the Mini to Small caps area and I may create a new thread for that purpose:)

Keep in mind that I won't be able to be as active as I was previously because my workload has increased and my free time is spent not looking at stocks [especially after 8 hours+ of financial statement analysis and modelling :'( ]

My current portfolio at the moment is shown below, there are a few stocks within the portfolio that are still based on the previous strategy. It will take a bit of time to wash those stocks out. I will also be out of Australia for 3 weeks from next week onward so even less activity on this thread will be expected.