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  1. Giplex

    Online Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

    Technical Analysis a2 Milk Shres March 15 2021. 14 Technical indicators on the 1 Day Timeframe give a SIGNAL "STRONG SELL".
  2. Trav.

    AmiBroker and Fundamental Scan

    I am looking at creating a scan in AmiBroker using Fundamental Data provided by Norgate and having no real idea about FA I was hoping that we could pool our knowledge together and create a basic scan that can be incorporated into our own system. So far I have the following information extracted...
  3. tech/a

    Why I have no argument with Fundamental vs. Technical

    Why a new thread ? Because I dont want this to be lost. Global fundamentals Move Markets Sector Fundamentals Move Market Sectors Company Fundamentals Move Individual Companies + or - Technical's Assist in Entry Exit Risk management Trade management. They give a snap shot at any point in time...
  4. Zero Sum Game

    Fundamental - with a little Technical

    Hi ASF'ers... My first post, but I'm more a reader than a poster - I've been lurking around as a non member for a bit. Been working on a discretionary simulator - thought I would throw it up here to see if I can improve on it. I've been studying fundamentals and technicals for a while, and I...
  5. galumay

    Source for accurate FA data

    Hey all, I am fiddling around with screening along the lines that David Dreman describes in his book, "Contrarian Investing Stategies" and I am struggling to find accurate data. Basically I want to select a universe of companies like the ASX500, and then screen for the 100 with the lowest p/e...
  6. R

    How long does it take you to study an individual business?

    So there are 2 components in successful value investing. Finding quality businesses and finding out their intrinsic value then buying the stock which is alot lower than its true value. How much time do you spend on each would you say? This investor on youtube said takes about 1000 hours to get...
  7. Rypieee

    Ryan's Trading Journal (F/A+T/A Strategy)

    Hey ASF readers! I have finally decided to take the jump and start up my own thread, I wish to open myself and my trading up to ASF readers, new or old, to share my thoughts and my methods, my decision making process and trade management techniques. I hope that by doing this, I will be held...
  8. C

    ASX Fundamental Analysis

    Hi, I am new to ASX though an experienced investor in India. My approach is fundamental research driven value investing. Could you please suggest free and paid ASX databases with contents such as annual and quarterly financial statements for several years, ASX announcements, equity research...
  9. I

    Fundamental Trading

    Fundamental analysis is the process of looking at a business at the basic or fundamental financial level. This type of analysis examines key ratios of a business to determine its financial health and gives you an idea of the value its stock. Many investors use fundamental analysis alone or in...
  10. V

    Position sizing and Portfolio Management for fundamental/value investors

    Like many value investors I have a tendency to use fairly loose and arbitrary position sizing and portfolio management. I have a concentrated portfolio and tend to base my position sizing on: -How risky is the investment? -What is the possible/probable return profile of the investment? -How...
  11. N

    FA - Reliable website?

    Hi all I've had a look around the forum and it looks like a great place to begin! I had a look through some of the beginner sticky posts and a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for relating to fundamental ratios. I decided to begin looking at companies using FA (to begin...
  12. Gringotts Bank

    Using FA to avoid the big drops in ASX equities

    I'm looking to incorporate FA somehow. Was there a [simple] FA way to see that oil stocks were going to get hammered as they did in 2014/15? What about an FA way to discover the Gunns, Dick Smith, Babcock, Onetel etc before they started to decline? Thanks.
  13. Rypieee

    Fundamental vs. Technical vs. Economics

    Hello readers, Before I even begin my thread, I would just like to also mention that I have no experience in trading and that I only educate myself on the various theories behind analysis by traders and the happenings of our economies and those that surround/affect us. I am just a customer...
  14. D

    Fundamental Analysis - The process of stock picking

    I guess I haven't been clear when i made a post previously about the challenges and obstacles in stock investing. Basically I like to find out if others have come across any challenges, obstacles or frustration during the process of stock picking. That is from finding & screening...
  15. S

    Fundamental Analysis in Forex

    Hi All, Does anyone know how top down fundamental analysis is done for the forex markets? What to look for, what to avoid, what the key indicators etc. I understand how to do it for equities but I don't get how to do it for forex. Can someone please point me in the right direction...
  16. tech/a

    Looking for papers on Evidence Based Results for T/A and F/A methods/ideas/hypotheses

    I'm on the search for any papers relative to any analysis F/A or T/A that has been rigorously tested The result positive or negative is un important. The veracity of the testing is however---must be Evidence based. If you know of any could you post up a link. Have a bit from Dr Bruce...
  17. G

    Calling all Fundamental Analysts

    I am currently doing an MBA and this task has come up. Any assistance in terms of commentary, input or suggested resources to obtain relevant information would be greatly appreciated. I have financial reports etc from the ASX but would love to get more specific third party analysis to cross...
  18. W

    wsDKII's Fundamental... fundamentals... Help?

    Hi guys, i have been trying to establish a base point for what makes a good company....or more to the point, what financial ratios should i use to narrow my search for good companies to invest in long term. Long term in this case is either 10+ years (held for DRP, compounding returns), or 1-5 +...
  19. tech/a

    Analysis Techniques Discussion Thread - How it's used, why it works or why it doesn't

    I suggest this thread is used for examples of all types of Fundamental and Technical Analysis with supporting evidence of how it works and why and when it works. There are a lot of blanket statements without supporting evidence. This is a thread where that can be presented without de railing...
  20. O

    Amibroker as a fundamental analysis development tool - any developers?

    The more I'm searching for a stock screener (for specific data manipulative requirements) the more it looks if it doesn't exist in the public domain. The quickest way to get something off the ground is to use AmiBroker which I read is a professional, powerful, comprehensive trading system...