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  1. V

    ASX 200 Monthly Momentum Strategy - Review and Insights

    Hi All, I have attached the strategy backtest report from Amibroker for a monthly strategy I am working on. Whilst the results look promising, I wanted to get feedback on the stats, where you see issues. I am concerned about the Monte carlo analysis. I donot fully understand on how to...
  2. quanttraderx

    Weekly Breakout Strategy For QQQ ETF

    A simple breakout system to trade the QQQ ETF that uses only one indicator. Trade Plan: Instruments – QQQ. Trading style – Long momentum. Time-frame – Weekly. Entry – Simple breakout. Exits – Initial stop loss and trailing stop. Trading Rules: Legend: DCUp := Donchian Channels upper band...
  3. TraderJimmy

    How to tell if a strategy has lost its "edge"? World Champ example.

    I read and hear about strategies losing edge. I understand that "edge" in this context is the unique element(s) of the strategy that allow it to have a positive expectancy...or make it profitable. Pro's often talk about a strategy that they used 10 years ago which doesn't work anymore, because...
  4. billybee

    Trading strategy

    How to build a trading strategy? From what to start? What information should I use for that? (recommend me any resources) Thanks!
  5. S

    What is a good day trading strategy?

    I have looked into bull flags, they seem pretty good?
  6. G

    My simple big idea of trading stocks!

    Here is my simple big idea about profitable trading if you wish to read! What's yours? G.
  7. Rypieee

    Ryan's Trading Journal (F/A+T/A Strategy)

    Hey ASF readers! I have finally decided to take the jump and start up my own thread, I wish to open myself and my trading up to ASF readers, new or old, to share my thoughts and my methods, my decision making process and trade management techniques. I hope that by doing this, I will be held...
  8. Rypieee

    Need Guidance - TA/Momentum Based Strategy

    Good Afternoon fellow ASF Members, I wanted to get some help on fine-tuning my trading plan, in particular the following topics: 1) Position Sizing (including how many positions can be taken up within a portfolio) 2) Stop-loss analysis/ how to find the optimum level to set my stop loss targets...
  9. jono543

    Grid strategy + multiple markets traded as one = lower risk?

    Hi all, Looking for your thoughts and advice on a trading strategy Idea I have. And if its even possible to put it into an EA or software. I'm new to trading and I have only been using a demo account just to get a taste. IDEA Create an EA/software that does the below: Monitors...
  10. C

    Strategy Help Please

    Hey all, I am new to both this forum and investing in general, and one of the things I have been looking at are options. For a few of the stocks I have looked into, I've noticed that there have been Call options where the exercise price has been sufficiently lower than the Put option...
  11. M

    Amibroker: Strategy comparing multiple stocks

    Gday, I am new to Amibroker and had a general programming question in reference to calculating the return series over multiple stocks. I would like to calculate return series over the stocks on the ASX20. I would like to do this without having to specify each name of the stock. I would then...
  12. G

    Reverse Scale System

    Hi All, To begin with, I am a total newbie in stock trading (embryo, in fact), and this is my first post here, so apologies in advance for inappropriateness etc. I am contemplating over Reverse Scale Strategy (from Five Minute Investing by Braden Glett) for long term trading. It appears to...
  13. C

    Sean Allison Income Generator Strategy

    Hi all, I would like to know if anyone has experiences with Sean Allison Income Generator Strategy. It about options trading. I'm thinking of investing his Income Generator Strategy program but not sure if it good or not. I would like more information...
  14. G

    Hull's breakout trading strategy (short term)

    hi while i've been waiting for the market to start to rise again, i've been studying how to trade in other directions (i need the money , so that's why ). i came across one of Hull's systems designed for falling and sideways markets (short term trading). do you anyone tried it b4? reckon...
  15. K

    Simple Momentum Strategy

    Hi everyone, I've designed a simple momentum strategy by eyeballing through different charts on Amibroker. It works well in trending stocks. I use 3 ema's - 3,6,18. For buy - ema3>ema6>ema18 and vice versa for sell for buy signal there should be a green candle over 3ema and close of...
  16. tech/a

    Daffy Trades Micro Patterns under $1

    Something I've done for years. I enjoy it and best of all I do well out of it. Haven't done much lately so thought Id crank it up. Petes done such a great job with the continuation of PAV's thread with his own twist and generated some good interest. Inspired me If there is enough...
  17. G

    BASIC trading strategy that can work?

    Hi i've been buying in the game several of the "top gains " stocks as reported by the asx site. i made some great wins in the game, but also saw some bad losses on other weeks. what do you think of this strategy: diversify through buying eg. 6-10 of the "top gains stocks". (buy them as...
  18. D

    Trading with news

    How many use live data feed news to take some of your trades ? Would be interested in hearing your stories Examples of what news works for what markets What news feed you like using Below was a 390.00 move for me based on news
  19. E

    Simple profitable strategy with 3 indicators: +11% profit on Gold 29-31 October

    Hello All This is a simple strategy i would like to share. Its a trend following strategy based on Bill Williams profitunity system. BW developped the chaos trading approach of trading. This how i trade it: 3 indicators: - Awesome oscillator on MT4 (i used a different version developped...
  20. P

    Amibroker 20 percent flipper strategy

    Hi everyone, I have just started to learn and look into Amibroker to create a trading strategy that would suit me. I have read about the "20% flipper" strategy that sends a buy signal when a stock has bounced off a low by moving 20%. I don't know how to write this in AFL language so I am...