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All trading needs to cease for 14 days prior to Monday open in Sydney

I do see the point you are making there. :xyxthumbs

On the other hand I also see a point about changing the rules during the game and so on.

If someone's been accumulating cash and intending to put it into the market whenever the next major downturn occurs or they switched their funds to a non-shares option or whatever then it seems rather unreasonable to change the rules half way through the game.

If the ASX is to be closed under given circumstances then what those circumstances are should be clearly stated prior to such a situation arising.

Also, all such markets should be closed at the same moment - so if the ASX shuts right now, and remains shut for a month, then a month from now the price of oil, gold, silver, all currencies etc remains at current levels. Physical trade continues for physical delivery but the price is locked globally for the duration. :2twocents
The markets make no pretense in being "fair," as anyone would know when confronted with a trading halt to their planned equity trade. A shutdown would just be at a more massive scale.
In relation to physical commodities, these are actively being bought and sold external to markets so their prices will be changing moment to moment around the globe independent from markets.
I am on the fence in relation to "futures" markets for physicals as these typically only affect producers and their direct consumers (as in companies who rely on their products, rather than individuals), plus a small coterie of professional traders who add nothing to the value chain.
Should we be expecting a halt on short selling soon?

Unknown .... Since I and everyone has been totally wrong about virtually every aspect of this on markets and the actions they may have taken ... should have taken .... your call is as good as mine.

I give up when ... these are at best unusual times and unprecedented ones and they try and open a market when 2 of the ASX top 50 companies just had their operations destroyed by govt decree. Of course common sense ... but ... what bid do you put on a casino down already 60% .... NOW .... ? They have debts and obligations and staff ... or did have staff ... and NO income . Qantas got 750 million package and ... what did they get ?

Such is life. It will pass.
Stay safe and tell someone you love them.
Watch Mad Max the whole series and Outbreak if your annoyed at being isolated.

Take care

That's it in a nut shell Kahuna …..

IF they are able to utilise the "Fast Test" imported from China effectively …. ISOLATE and IDENTIFY could then be juxtaposed to IDENTIFY and ISOLATE which would speed the process exponentially and probably save a lot of lives, and the Economy $Billions
Whilst I am NO expert ... I do listen to them. NOT contradict them ....

Trump ... I am horrified by actions to date, TERRIFIED at what they have done to date and devastated along with angry what they have DONE to their people. Whilst our closest mates NZ ... by far ... are in ultra lockdown mode .... USA at best is patchy right NOW.

Testing a joke ...

and this ... NOW ..ANNOUNCEMENT ..... instead of instilling areal sense of FEAR ... to CHANGE habits and that takes time ...

W: (US) President Trump: America will be open for business sooner than 3-4 months; Will decide on timing and how we will reopen after 15 day period; won't let coronavirus turn into long lasting problem; will announce some dateline in near future

I am so sad for those Yanks we all love to poke fun at .... SO SO SO sad the Oligarchy and Kleptocracy the USA has become.

I wish this delusional sociopath was NOT there .... and USA did have some magic resistance to the virus. NOT reporting the numbers ... NOT testing ... and DOWNPLAYING the need and it will be OVER in 2 weeks ...

I can only hope for a magic cure and be resigned they report NO new cases whilst ... Hospitals are overwhelmed and the 80% who DON'T matter pay the price. With the lowest amount of hospital beds per 1,000 people they are the LEAST able to deal with even a mild outbreak ....

YES a vaccine will be found .... I have little doubt.
Anti virals that WORK and dumb it down if you get it ... will be found.
I have HOPE ... but NOT delusional hope in the interim between Vaccine and TODAY.

DELUSIONAL ... homicidal maniac ... and his popularity supposedly is going up as even questionable numbers of infected and testing at ... 5% of Australia ,,,,

Every Genocidal maniac from history looks sane right now compared to this imbecile.
Cheer up, you'll be glad you didn't lock up Mr. Market tomorrow. A big rally is to be expected based on overnight US trading thanks to FED injection:


Hopefully it flows onto the company you are so worried about, which is obviously not Qantas since it's rescue package didn't please you.
Burning the midnight+ oil there Aus:bookworm: …… Don't forget to get some sleep:wideyed:
Yes, been up late :oops:
You are right, need to sleep a bit more for the sake of health :cool:

At the end of the day, markets will stay open, whether you stay late to monitor what's happening around the world or not... unless Kahuna hijacks it :D