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  1. J

    Sydney day traders

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a day trading group in Sydney (meet up or chatroom)? thankyou
  2. kahuna1

    All trading needs to cease for 14 days prior to Monday open in Sydney

    Markets should PAUSE and shut down. Howdy, Having been around for a while, and a fossil in many ways, over the past 37 years involved in markets and most currencies, bonds, equities and commodities at various times, not much is new. Famous last words. Often things I know are worthless or...
  3. peter2

    Forex - Market Research - Sydney City

    I've been asked by a market research company to help find some forex traders that would be happy to be interviewed. The interview is scheduled for Feb 16th near Sydney city during business hours. The interview will last approx 1 hour and there is some remuneration for your time. The MR company...
  4. O

    Sydney Pro Traders Legit???

    Legit or not legit that is the question....
  5. W

    Trading from Sydney through Ninjatrader with FXCM (New York), latency over 340ms

    Dear Traders and Investors, Has anyone here any experience with internet providers in Sydney, Australia that have the lowest latency vs FXCM or any servers in New York? I am trading using Ninjatrader vs my FXCM server in New York (Australian account), and I am experiencing very high...
  6. P

    Sydney Forex Trading Accountability Group

    Hi, I’m looking for 4-5 forex trading buddies who would like to meetup once a month to discuss our trading setups. However, if you’re trading stock or futures market then I’m also okay with that as long as you’re using technical analysis to take your trade setups. So it’s more like a small...
  7. darkhorse70

    Created a trading/investing meetup club in Sydney

    Hey people, I'm in the transition of starting a meet up club in Sydney to discuss trading and investing. The goal is to get young traders and investors together and even possibly get traders to come in and give presentations, eventually... Obviously any one can join, be it young or old. Even...
  8. S

    Sydney Forex Investors

    Hi everyone, I am starting a group called 'Sydney Forex Investors'. It is for foreign exchange traders who live in the Sydney area who wish to discuss the current/future direction of currency pairs on a daily basis. The group would meet once a month to engage with one...
  9. T

    Looking for someone in Sydney with forex EA experience

    Hi Im looking for someone preferably in Sydney with experience using a EA in the forex market to get a some tips on usage. Not expecting hours of help just 15 to 30 minutes. Tall ask I know but you never know someone might be keen to pass on some knowledge. Cheers Tim
  10. S

    Minimum Wage vs. Sydney Cost of Living

    I was curious about this so I ran the (approximate) numbers. Thought someone else may be interested in this information as well. So you can survive, and even save a little. I picked the "most expensive" option for these, so I reckon it'd be possible to even save 10% of net on minimum wage...
  11. P

    Forex trading group in Sydney

    Hi My friends and I are looking for a forex trading buddy who has been trading forex for at least 2 years. There are already 6 of us now. We usually meet once a month at a coffee shop around Sydney city during weekend to discuss about our trading result and strategy. Hopefully we can help...
  12. Craton

    Sydney/Hunter storms

    Just heard on the ABC radio. Three lives lost and homes washed away in the Sydney/Hunter areas. Bloody hell! Hope all ASF members are snug and safe. Google Fu:
  13. H

    US Market - Options & Futures - Catch Ups/Meetings [Sydney]

    Hi, Anyone else living in Sydney that is interested in this space that would like to learn/share/teach others or even discuss trade ideas? Some investment courses charge thousands of dollars just for explaining what a put option is and a covered call is, with disregard to current...
  14. S

    Sydney share trading course?

    Hello everyone im new here my name is sam nice to meet you! Hey guys i have never brought a stock before and im 24 years old, i know this may sound funny to you, but i am extremely dedicated, i truly believe that to become successful in share trading one needs to have alot of EDUCATION...
  15. S

    Looking for a job in Sydney

    Hello, I'm looking for a job in AU. Maybe some of you could help me or offer me something. I need a visa 457. I think the best for me is to find some proptrading company or hedge fund. Short story about me: -> I'm 27 years old, I finished Warsaw School Of Economics (Master degree). -> I...
  16. SirRumpole

    Badgerys Creek airport

    It's finally been announced after 40 years. Personally I think a better option would have been to route domestic traffic to Richmond and let Kingsford Smith take care of Interstate & International. What is going to happen to Richmond ? I suppose it will be turned into a housing estate...
  17. R

    Forex trading group to meet in Sydney regularly

    My name is Tim and I have about two-and-a-half years of forex trading experience. Finding a forex mentor who will seriously help and guide me has been difficult to find, other than account managers at forex brokers. I am keen to start a forex group that meet and share ideas, knowledge...
  18. T

    Investment/Finance bookshops in Sydney

    Does anyone know of any investment / finance bookshops in Sydney, like Educated Investor bookshop in Melbourne?
  19. sydboy007

    Sydney public transport users - ready for the Opal fare increases of ~27%?

    I've felt like Sydney has been a bit of a backwater since we seem to be one of the few major cities without a contactless "ticketing" system. Having used the ones in Singapore / HK / Thailand I was getting a bit jealous. The new Opal card for Sydney is now being rolled out. The Govt is...
  20. Conza88

    The Australian Mises Seminar - 2012

    It is in this spirit we present you with the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Australian Mises Seminar, an event to be held in Sydney on December 1-2, 2012. Building upon last years successful event, we have managed to bring together some of best free-market economists and libertarian...