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Iran Is not Iraq

This sadly is far from over.

Despite what one might think was a negative for the markets, and Iranian oil tanker 1500 km away from Iran in Saudi waters just hit.

Market ... Oil of course up .... $1.10 as of right now.
US equities ... are UP ... not down ... UP.

Some disturbing things occurring and Iran has few friends, it played a leading role in defeating ISIS along with .... the Kurds.

I did note some very strange things occurring last 72 hours, Iran exercise on Turkeys border .... Iran in the North has a very large Kurdish ethnic population.

Then Iran complained about Turkeys intentions .... for all the good it did them.

Now magically .... on Cue .... An Iranian oil tanker on the other side of Saudi Arabia to Iran, in the Red Sea, not the GULF, hit by missiles.

Really ? Tit for tat for the Houthi attack ?

I will come back in a few days with the sequential links and timing.
Media ignored Iran conducting massive exercises on the Turkish border it shares.
Reason being is that within 10 mins a story magically appeared about China and some trade deal.

Nothing like distraction from impeachment and other issues ....

If the Saudi's were to claim the attack, which is unlikely, Iran would go beserk.

USA 5th Fleet apparently saw not a thing !!

I am NOT suggesting they had anything to do with it .... but seriously ... they provide AWAC Radar and air cover and sea blockade against Yemen not far from where the incident occurred.

Really ? Are they kidding ?

Iran has supported the Kurds and Syria ... for a very long time.

USA word for word ...

The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which operates in the region, said it was aware of media reports about the tanker, but did not have any further information.

Oh well ...
This sadly is far from over.

I noted with dismay Trump at his new years ramble .... said ... If Iran was to be in a fight with the USA it would end very quickly.

Delusional ? Or even worse ? Since its year 19 of the Afghanistan conflict and 16 years since Iraq was invaded and its worse than ever ... in both nations ... one can think what one likes. My view is that any despot of the past 100 years would be less dangerous than this imbecile. Afghanistan is now MORE under Taliban control than it was in 2001.

I note today, yet again the pressure is upped to a likely breaking point.
The USA just bombed a convey at Baghdad Airport. One with a visiting Iranian and a bloody Iraqi general/ milita head.
Nothing like putting petrol on the fire.

Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed early on Friday in an air strike on their convoy at Baghdad airport

Nice distraction for 2020. Even better taking on the nation rated as the most dangerous non nuclear power.

Sadly 2020 I suspect will make any year for the past 100 years look sane. I wish it wasn't so ... but killing a foreign leader ... military one ... who LEGALLY flew into your biggest airport and then killing a Milita Leader of a supposed Allie ?

Bravo USA !!

Scott Morrison visited fire ravaged Cobargo yesterday and was heckled .... ignoring the fact a town Tathra was devastated in March 2018 by bush-fires and its 60 km away ... Maybe all climate deniers can be treated the same way ? Irrespective of country as that clearly does not matter ... lets start with Trump ?

Since the USA now conducts 7,000 Drone and Bomb strikes each year up from 5,000 on Obama.s watch and each kills around 5 ... wounds 15 ... so Obama did 40,000 over 8 years killing 200,000 wounding 600,000 ... and Trump if he lasts ... at 7,000 a year up 40% so 35k a year .... 280,000 target .... geee ... at 20 ... an amazing 20 strikes a day ... please .... please ... target mistake ? Whoops .. sorry Mr turnip.

Golly ... Why are we supporting USA genocide or Yemen in the Gulf ? Let alone this deliberate and calculated extermination of an Allie and a leader who USA does not like ?
The head of an elite Iranian military unit has been killed in an apparent United States missile strike on Baghdad International Airport.

Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed in the strike on their convoy, an Iraqi militia spokesman told the Reuters news agency.

The militia spokesman blamed the strikes on the US.
The Iraqi ... Killed

WAS instrumental in defeating ISIS ...

Last year, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi issued an order aimed at strengthening government control over militia units, which have gained new military and political clout since 2014 because of their instrumental role in battling the Islamic State.

I would add ... that IRAN was also instrumental in defecting ISIS ... a Sunni Islamic group

This to be blunt is worse than even the betrayal of the Kurdish people and allowing Turkey to do what the hell it liked to them.

Reaction ? No idea .... but its not like betraying the Kurds and abandoning them .... Iran and even Iraq will respond. Every Shia in side Iraq already unhappy with USA actions will make things even more precarious and Iran ... gee ... lets kill a foreign leader visiting another nation.
Ahh ..

I note yesterday Iraq Prime Minister agreed to evict USA forces from Iraq ...

Today they kill an IRAQ militia leader who helped defeat ISIS and his Iranian equivalent. Slap in the face for not one, but two nations in the region.

This .. the following U tube just prior to the incident covers it well.
Two groups of Shia in Iraq ... some pro Iran ... ALL actually against USA

What I think is worse is that the Protests were against 24 Iraqi killed in Iraq for a single USA contractor being killed.

Now this.
Lets get rid of leaders of other nations and in this case a two for one.

It hardly will be productive to peace, in fact, sides who disagree on Pro Iranian Iraqis and those who are just Pro Iraq ... both Shia Muslim faith ... well they will agree on one thing and its bloody clear what that is.

USA that has stuffed most of the middle east killed millions ... seems to think all is well.

Enemy of my enemy is actually my friend. Sadly both leaders are also religious leaders in many ways.

Wow ...
Fox news ... reporting missile strike from Iran against USA base.

Others reporting it was a bloody drill ...

Assassination of Iranian general visiting Prime minister of Iraq was ... of course real

Assassination of an Iraq militia leader in Iraq for no good reason again verified and owned by USA.

Threat of more war crimes bombing civilian and religious sites in Iran sadly factual.

Iraq Not Iran has asked all USA forces to leave.

Pompeo actually accused Iran of 9/11 involvement. Astounding ... they are a different race a different religion and Iran actual helped USA in their invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. The murdered general did. Iran was instrumental in defeating ISIS .... Iran itself was under Taliban terrorist attacks ....

I pray for no shooting as USA has already said 52 sites including likey the holy ones to Muslims and third most important will be attacked.

War crimes .... Genva Convention about assassinating foreign leaders went out the window with Trump.

Iran has over 4,000 modern missiles, god knows how many drones and some serious other stuff.

Knowing USA it will USA IT or loose it ...

I can only hope not a single missile is exchanged and Trump departs soon.

Oil spiked over $2.50 and USA equities dropped 1% ...

I suspect this FOX news report like most Murdoch press is garbage and it was a bloody drill.

If not, the Iranian response likely to be massive and not 52 sites, likely every refinery and base within 2000 km it targeted at once. Along with that fat sitting targets like ports and so on ....

From an Iranian perspective one of their most liked if not respected military leaders was killed, murdered or assassinated.

Trump claimed he was not popular in Iran .... the bloody opposition even came out and expressed real and heartfelt remorse. His approval rating was around 90% and his funeral make this point very clear.

Now post that the USA FOX media and Trump now wish to threaten to totally obliterate the Iranian culture ? Economy ?

All because USA is still trapped in 1979 .... the symbolic 52 sites for the 52 hostages.

Who is sounding like a terrorist ? USA or Iran ?

WOW ... I pray for sanity. Realistically Trump will do anything to distract and not get ejected and likely charged post 2020.

PS .... China and Iran have seriously increased ties of late. China has some shall we say cutting edge military technology. China and Pakistan have built a decent fighter jet together as well. Pakistan has massive borders with Iran.

EEEE ... I was wrong.

ITS WAR !! Prepare for Hell
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Just prior to this missile attack this report was done.

Make of it what you will.

The world likely just changed and in an awful way.


We await the USA response. Hopefully .... not what I sadly fear.

Iran said the attack came from those 2 bases.
Trump speaks tomorrow morning USA time so 12 or so hours.
Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 'crashes due to technical problem' after take-off from Iran's Imam Khomeini airport
Posted 9 minutes ago

A Ukrainian Boeing 737 with 180 people on board has crashed due to technical problems after take-off from Iran's Imam Khomeini airport, Iran's semi-official Fars news agency says.

The aircraft was operated by Ukraine International Airlines.

Sad coincidence on the same day ?

A plane crash in the same nation ? Let alone a plane crashing the same day anywhere in the world.

Japan PM visits for the first time ever ... and supposedly a tanker attack the very same day ?

With Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi dead in a helicopter crash there will be a power vacuum in Iran and anything could happen. A World War started because of the death of an Archduke in Sarajevo. These kind of things can easily spiral out of control.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of volatility on US markets tonight.
With Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi dead in a helicopter crash there will be a power vacuum in Iran and anything could happen. A World War started because of the death of an Archduke in Sarajevo. These kind of things can easily spiral out of control.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of volatility on US markets tonight.
He wasn't all that important, I am told in the Ayatollah world. In fact he couldn't make Ayatollah and was a very unhappy man. It is probably a release for him to be sizing up the virgins as we type.

Although ... you are correct. There is much silliness in the Levant, Persia and Arabia. They were much better off being exploited by our forefathers.

yep, but it wasn't the actual event, but the alliances that lay behind, that caused the problem, back then.. different now.

now, the Axis of Autocracy; China gaming Russia with me-too Iran and useful idiot N Korea, is a confection.

Somehow we'll muddle through.
have been looking for some comment : this fag end of a BBC story sort of sums it up....

...The helicopter crash also took the life of Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian who played an active role in trying to present Tehran’s case to the world and find ways to ease the punishing impact of sanctions.

During the urgent diplomacy around the Israel-Gaza war, he was the voice on the phone and the face at meetings with Iran’s allies, as well as with Arab and Western foreign ministers anxious to calm and contain tensions.

“He was a useful channel to pass messages,” commented a senior Western diplomatic source. “But it tended to be quite formulaic since power did not lie in the foreign ministry.”


“The sudden death of a president is normally a consequential event but, despite being seen as a potential Supreme Leader, he lacked political support and any clear political vision,” maintains analyst Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, CEO of the Bourse and Bazaar think tank. “But the political operators who got him elected will adjust and advance without him.”.

Ebrahim Raisi conducted thousands of “5 minute trials” in the 1980s & sentenced 5000 innocent Iranians to death. He was known as “The Butcher of Tehran” .