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Iran Is not Iraq

18 June 2004
Iran, whilst Mullahs seem ... well ... not nice. Each religion has its own beliefs. Its words at times about USA and Israel, the latter, contains 2 of the 4 top Islamic worship sites. Let alone holy christian ones.

In 1981, Israel, once friendly with Iran bombed their sole nuclear facility then.

In the 1980-88 Iraq led invasion of Iran .... Iraq and Saddam sponsored and supported by the USA .... a Conservative MID range estimate is 1 million died in that war. Iran, was the innocent party.

Iran eventually despite Iraq having a much better military started winning. Iraq .... used 300 times ... WMD's not just poison gas .... nerve agents.

100,000 of the dead Iranians, most civilians via nerve agents out of the 500,000 they lost.

Not some fantasy, or pet theory ... sad fact.
Iran went to UN and complained, they verified both the USE .... and scale.

Here is the Low end estimate via Wikipedia ...
current estimates are more than 100,000,
Iran asked the UN to engage in preventing Iraq from using chemical weapon agents, but there were no strong actions by the UN or other international organizations. UN specialist teams were dispatched to Iran at the request of the Iranian Government, in March 1984, April 1985, February–March 1986, April 1987, and in March, July and August 1988.

Iran, and dialogue was .... it was some third rate power. Outside the 8 nuclear superpowers, there is no more capable nation to defend itself.

If a single facility were to be bombed ... by the USA or likely say 5 .... the response whilst not threatening USA directly, Iran, already a victim of WMD's ... can and clearly just demonstrated that it can shoot down a top shelf drone, I sadly suspect .... all hell will break loose.

One only has to look at say Iraq in 2003 and when Saddan was actually letting WMD inspectors, even USA teams .... on the ground, denying he had any ... USA did not believe it. It invaded on the pretense it had WMD.s and well a million dead latter in Iran .... another 500k regional via Syria and Libya and 1 million both sides 1980-88 ... what would you do ?

Iran is not Iraq.

Whilst Trump ... thankfully pulled back, claiming 150 lives ... as the reason, when your up around 2 million dead ... so far, its a sick joke.

I note, not a word about this even from well ,,, nutty left wing and history of the USA and shameful history is forgotten !!

I cant wait for tonight's USA embassy party ....
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18 June 2004

what a party ... At the USA embassy. I wore Convict garb and the irony was lost. On them totally .... all with Trump boxers.

Bert ... my new pet Snapping Turtle is not well. His party, the previous night has yielded 17 gold rings most with precious stones, but he is constipated on hopefully the last one. Sadly, an international incident possibly could arise, if the truth ever got out. That embassy, will however resemble a Yakuza Japanese group missing fingers and all ... this time not for saying sorry .... but stupidity.

Pigtail queue.gif
Anyhow, arrived with another escort to the party, this time ex spook Franciois from EU nation and his wife Dominique and their full diplomatic immunity. They missed the cavity search by a ham fist marine on the way in, no proctology exam needed for many years, and thankfully were the only reason I got out.

Sadly it seems not content with one diplomatic incident ... I have created 2.
Inspired by my convict garb, they thought I was showing correct subservience to my masters, this is the new hairstyle for the Chinese required at the G 20.

I was fascinated to learn Trump would not meet ... Kim Ill Jung of Korea till he had a hairstyle worse than the Donald.

That wearing a pigtail, is so deeply offensive, well ... again lost in the party.

The rest of what occurred at the Televangelist party ... after Bert passes .... all his gifts up ...
18 June 2004
Will Chinese grow pigtails in 7 days ? For the G20

I love this clip .... Cocked and loaded ....

Limited ... well Iran if they say hit 5 sites, sadly, Iran will respond via 15 ... and with 2000 odd missiles, not counting anti air ...

Bumble into a war ....

How many nations is the USA bombing ? Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya ... Yemen and soon to be Iran ? which is 20 times more able to defend itself.

I gave the link above. Think what you will ...

Will share some other views and again, take what you wish from them.
Bert still has not passed the blockage.
18 June 2004

Note the size of Iran. More so the size of Iran .... to say Iraq ...

Fascinating 1980-88 history of the Tanker war ...
US naval institute ...
Iran ... well until 1984 I think sank NONE and then ....l identified targets as best it could. Iraq, even hit and sunk ? A US warship ..

As mentioned .... Iran used mines and a US ship hit one .... USA responded sinking 6 or so Iranian ships.

Anyhow ...

BErt is so cute ... still sick ...
18 June 2004
Must run …

Just got the diplomatic passports for the G20, Bert … looks so cute.

Meeting over the next week in Japan.

Iran's 2.6 million BPD out, up goes oil. Limited fight and even better. Saudi desperate and need oil above $70. USA and its shale oil and expanded production needs $70- as well and here at $50 ish they merely break even. As in 1980-88 Kuwait, UAE and Sadis funing it all. 9/11 same … not Iran …. back to Isreal wars …. same funding. Now USA allies ?

This time ignore a genocide in Yemen ? is genocide worse than WMD .?

Likely, and with regret, a limited strike against Iran, its knows no support for its persecuted minority religion. Are they the JEWS of the Muslim world ? Certainly not Arabs.

China just lost a massive trading partner via Iran. It lost energy independence and now its dictated by the USA ? India the same.

Oh and All Chinese products no longer work as Google and Android removed along with 5G stuff.

China to even pretend to bow, now also needs to convert all its laws, all its rules even style of government to USA.

Well, one shot, a surgical strike and we are at $150- oil, Iran will hit 3 times harder back, China cant really afford to be dictated to this way, NOR I might add any nation. Paying no tax overseas and economic terrorist, then extortion and destruction I thought led to most wars ?

It matters not what occurs from here. When you have been already extorted and threatened with destruction or impairment, economically, China has no choice nor does India to drop USA based tech companies and all products, from planes to all the rest.

That is destroyed, despite the USA equity markets for now, all time highs, running on a tax rate 23% of EU for corporate, 7% for USA .... paid ... that is ... and stealing any tax owed to EU when they sell there adding to the rise. EU , well … it will wake up. Oh and who can forget the 1 trillion in stock bought back as repatriated stolen tax money was allowed back into the USA minus any tax.

China and India ignore USA and protect their interests whilst ensuring Iran behaves. Chances of Iran becoming Communist are ... well ... ZERO. Unlikely as China does not wish to confront emperor Trump and well ... without a protector ... its a loose loose for China either way. Win win win for Oligarchy USA arms makers, oil and gas .... wow the Koch brothers are so nice ...

Going to be fun.

Its going to be pleasant.

Japan and Bert I suspect has developed a taste. If only he can meet with Trump !!
18 June 2004
Trump over the past few years touted his "America First energy policy" with an effort to boost LNG exports. A clean energy revolution is taking place across the US, which is seeking buyers for its surplus energy.

If the US succeeds in driving Iranian oil exports to zero, or the energy transmission networks in the Middle East suffer a blow from a possible war between the US and Iran, China may have to reduce its dependence on energy exports from the Middle East, especially Iran, and reconsider buying US energy products. That is perhaps exactly what the US wants to see.

Even if China's energy imports from Iran are cut off, China will be very cautious about turning to US sources. The ongoing trade war has made it increasingly urgent for China to cut the links between its energy sector and those in the US. China must reduce its dependence on US energy to safeguard its energy security, which is always a matter of national security.

Chinese party paper TODAY ..... after my view and opinion ...
Yemen ...
Same people .... USA and UK supported and Australia as WELL >...

More than 22 million people out of a total population of 28 million are in need of humanitarian aid and protection. Eighteen million people lack reliable access to food; 8.4 million people “do not know how they will obtain their next meal.”

Killing Civilians for the Crime of Simply Being Yemeni
The U.S.-Saudi coalition warplanes deliberately target civilian infrastructure. They arbitrarily attack homes, farms, factories, schools, buses, gas stations, government buildings, water treatment facilities, and anything else imaginable.

There is a complete blockade ... all sea and AIR ... blocked and Saudi call them Persians, just like Iran ...
No food ? You die.

Same backers USA UK .... Saudi ,, Kuwait .... UAE ,,,, as used chemical agents v Iran in 1980-88

Obama also has a list of very nasty things he did ... but Trump, wow he is worse.

Stand proud ... extermination ...

This G20 is going to be ,,,, fascinating.

The Chinese link is to the party paper ... nothing out of it is to be ignored and the cyber attack on Iran ... v my observation China has no choice but to drop Microsoft, Google, Andriod and Boeing and well a long list of things ... India shares this view.

EU is looking, somewhat silent, not on Yemen .... EU is being ignored totally by the USA ... totally.

Meanwhile, USA stocks march towards that 3,000 in the S+P .... driven by no tax or 10% lower tax, tax theft from overseas ... and whilst increased defence spending, the people .... inside USA ... the lower 70% would do better and live longer in even Mexico.

Of course this can go on for some time, but China, in its own self interest has to act. Maybe even on Iran oil .... India really will not be dictated to by another colonial power ... some upstart. Turkey, well ,,,, its being pushed towards Russia and its being blackmailed by the USA as is anyone who says or annoys them.

THat another attempted genocide is going on, and make no mistake the Iraq led invasion of Iran in 1980, given UK chemicals for those lovely Nerve agents and then when Iran went time and time again to the UN .... USA and UK blocked any action.

A mere 100,000 of the 500,000 killed on the Iran side, possibly double that. Iraq, a puppet ... lost similar numbers.

Yemen ? Nice place .... no food, no water, all access blocked and Mike Pompeo claims Iran is supporting them ? With weapons ? Have they invented teleport like in Star trek ? Any human supporting a persecuted group is evil ?

I again stress Iran is not a saint, but say the Kurds persecuted by Saddan helped calm things down, then discarded by the USA led forces. Then they resisted ISIL and ISIS ... hmm ...

Its called projection .... when a deranged person kills someone and chops them up .... and blames another.

Time for new friends Australia, our stinking Mr PM and time to get a set of them,"balls", and send a surface mail letter verses a call, going you have 14 days to vacate our nation and ANZUS is OVER.

Someone else posted this ....

"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests" ― Henry Kissinger

"We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow."

- Henry John Temple Palmerston
, Remarks in the House of Commons, March 1, 1848

18 June 2004
I am in disbelief.

My opinion, is as always irrelevant.
I wish you to view the President of the USA admitting he is fully aware of Yemen and the Genocide there.

Him speaking, clearly I think acknowledging Saudi will be dropped if ever its a choice of Israel or Saudi ... and well its for $400- billion arm sales which he describes as ?

I know, my values, as a human and expectations are not shared by many. Only the whole EU and 400 million people, but only one person, President, and group of Oligarchy Industrial War one matters. Oh and Oil and gas interests .... suits them for a higher price. What is a skull cave in Yemen anyhow !! Wish we could send them to Cambodia during Pol Pots regime for re=education and plastic bag treatment.

Over the years, with a deep love of Americans and a deep dislike of its now leaders and their treatment of the USA people, the ones outside the top 1% but the lower 70% who are worse off than 1970. live shorter lives than even Sudanese, this, well ... takes the cake.

Any rational non religious view on this, other perspective appreciated. When speaking to someone who had visited some extermination camps in Germany and told one could still 75 years latter smell the human fat in the ovens where they burnt the bodies, my perspective, is somewhat clouded when a genocide, a well documented one, with full knowledge of the USA and its president is now accepted ?

I might add, Iran and its enduring 350 WMD attacks in the 1980-88 period, Nerve agents, and gas and so on, a mere 100,000- of the 500,000 Iran lost, again, we are not far removed from the tree's.

Governments are never perfect, at times appearing to be cruel and with limited resources its at times accepting this, and moving on. Sadly. for the vast majority of USA people, what once was great and make no mistake they are good people, their needs, wishes and desires resembles the hopes and aspirations of people under Pol Pot or Idi Amin. Healthcare and life expectancy for 200 million plus instead of rising 15 years post 1970 is lower, lower than then.

As to foreign policy I am agog, and any non religious view of this, which is associated with economics and likely impacts and only course of action for 27 EU nations and Japan and many others, yep China and India and basically the rest of the World minus USA.

That USA stood by under Regan as WMD.s were used and they supported as did the UK ... in 1980-88 is sadly nothing new in the last 100 years. Suggesting that in 1940, the fate of the Jewish people was not known, is painful to remember, but until late 1941 and Anne Franks father was desperate to go to the USA and did get a visa, only to be cancelled, is the extreme isolationist and barely covered racial ideals of USA in the 1930's .

I am lost on this one, other than economically China has little choice but to protect its own interests as does Iran when you know if allowed, 8 or so nations will exterminate you, and no one will lift a finger, even at the UN.

Meanwhile rah rah rah ... stocks at all time highs, tax paid at all time lows, in fact 25% of 1990 tax for corporate in the USA. Meanwhile, loosing 15 years of life for 200 million people, 3 billion years or 40 million total lives of 75 years, and its falling in the USA. Of course the top 30% are at world high life expectations. Meanwhile China went from 41 years life expectancy to 76 years. Oh and 650 million peasants have very decent middle class lives with more wealth than the bottom 80% of USA times 5 !!

I will add another thing possibly tomorrow. Reluctant to say more as you will see.
I am lost on where many things are other than to say, Google and Microsoft and many others are not having any future in China, India and likely the whole Eu after recent acts of the last few weeks. One cannot ... remove operating systems and barr things and even block deliveries. It renders any technology a mere pile of plastic and wires and if its a plane, like those ones that had the computer glitch, you crash..

Risk will do what it will ... I take the exit as always when things are NOT crashing but happy to do so now, even if possibly missing the last extinction burst of 5% on the USA possibly to 3,150 so 8%. All time highs .... music for the exit and well given the backdrop, thankful of the strength.

Take care
Mark K
18 June 2004
On... well .. history of wars and how USA became involved,

its fascinating and disturbing to say FDR was fighting a hostile USA population pre 1941, knowing USA when Japan was finished and Germany took over Britain, well .... USA was next.

On Iran ... just one, of a lot of incidents, one where a USA warship in 1988 ran over a mine ... and then 6 ships sunk, Iranian ones, the inquiry into the downing of a civilian airliner and 290 or so innocents shot down, I was in the USA at the time.

This U tube covers it adequately, the eventual inquiry and what the public was told as to why, what me, a person living there, was told, were the total opposite of reality.

The ship that fired the missile, WAS not in international waters but far inside Iranian waters.
It was NOT descending towards the ship, it was Rising and not even directly towards the ship.
The transponder that commercial civilian airliners use to identify each other, was squawking on the commercial band-wave, we are civilian flight so and so just as any other commercial plane did.

Anyhow ... it is say identical to what got USA into Vietnam, a faked attack, and even WW2, FDR was opposed by the public with his views and did support the UK and sailed ships with convoys to the UK with shoot to kill and did so .... not to provoke ... but Hitler ordered Uboats to NOT sink USA ships of course till 1942 when USA declared war on Japan and Germany by default had no choice and they both were at war.

Overnight, name-calling and not a bloody thing will matter, as always, truth, who did what or said what.
Whilst Trump supposedly pulled back, when you have 7 or more Arab states which really want to exterminate you, ... in this take your pick Israel or Iran ... and both have big targets on their backs, both of these govts have right wing parties running them, which, well given the threats and existence both in some way share, its .... going to be what it will be.

Fascinating, that ... a nation where the leader of the religion is also head of the goverment, not a criticism, but that is their choice and so too this mix for 2 billion people and I suppose 30 nations.
Did the USA just label, the head of the church .... in Iran ... a terrorist ? Astounding. Even ignoring the hot air, doing so to say the Pope for Catholics or head of Greek Church, ....

A 5000 year old civilization, Iran, the first we ... APES ... at present, humans for very few it seems are marked for extinction. Have been for some time. One of the next oldest China and birth of a lot of things and inventions over the eons, well, unless they comply, and whilst the current regime is not my favorite in all of these nations, USA , UAE , Iran and China ... it is not my right other than expressing an opinion about what the hell they do. If their people are happy, not being butchered on the streets, if they and their beliefs are we wear a fruit-bowl on their head, so what ? Telling the Chinese they need to basically and immediately adopt USA style rules and accept a new colonial ruler who is not the rational loving or even sane type, one who just admitted to supporting a genocide of people in Yemen is what the hell it is.

What did Yemen do to cause USA to run support, air cover, marine blockade and so on ? Did they ask for bombing and whilst Saudi doing most of it, with backing from other Arabs, I actually laughed seeing Iranian comments overnight. One asking are you mentally retarded ? why not bomb Mecca ? It would show about as much respect. The again, invading during Ramadan holy month, the third most holy site of Islam did and has occurred, last year and this one. I doubt any of the faith failed to notice this. Of course, what views and religious based ones already very poor and this, well ... sacrilege just more of the same.

Out of context and whilst not a fan of their regime, past and history sadly tells the outcome.
G20 cocktail party now my pet Bert is on a diet and being starved for the event, will be hilarious.

The clip ..

18 June 2004
I was going to post a China link.

I note it, and several others very strong against the USA have disappeared from the party English web site pre G20. Unknown as to why.

Replacement is a high brow, but just as insulting view of USA v rest of the world. From one doctrine to the Woodrow Wilson 14 points to the FDR 4 points. The latter saved the depression, the former, led to WW1 leading to WW2. The other doctrine which declared USA could do what it wanted and South and Central America were its, well, still in some ways in force, in others, most give the USA lip service post 1980.

G20 and China can go a lot of ways, one being Iran and its oil still flows, China plays good puppet and some sham treaty whilst they as always persue their own nations interests.

That these hard line articles that only appear with party approval are gone, I was disturbed as they echoed my own shared views almost word for word.

That even Donald could understand them, verses the veiled and tongue in cheek ones that replace them which are, for any student of history even more insulting as to Colonial treatment of sub human species is amusing and one likely lost on Trump. FDR for example and his views somewhat left saved the world, Trump is far right and Wilsons actions post WW1 were a disaster especially the repatriations demanded of Germany of 250 billion Marks in 1918 which was a quadrillion in today's dollars.

I note, with dismay, and a new record in stupidity, Trump in the White house imposed sanctions on a dead person. The religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini died in 1989. HE in states where religion is intermingled with goverment was first and foremost the religious leader.

So also doing the same to the current religious leader and restricting his assets and movements, well ... it is what it is.

Again on twitter ... he makes more allegations which, factually in this case are not true.

To end this, and it will either blow over, or as Trump threatened again to obliterate them, one way or the other.

What is in shreds is Global trade.
Global trust in trade and this is not Iran but all nations.
Any deal, even supervised to restrict Arms, will be ignored even with inspectors on the ground.
Any military alliance, or trade alliance, or friendship will be torn up. Canada or Mexico or 27EU nations and Japan and on and on it goes.

My assessment of impacts, likely sooner rather than latter, on trade and geo political issues is start and scary.

If one said to me, world leaders, would be threatening invasion or obliteration via twitter 5 years ago, I would have called the person insane. Yet we have a call to overthrow Venezuela and North Korea will be eradicated and so too Iran. One calls the other a name and the other, calls the person a retard overnight.

World leaders. One nuclear power to a lessor nuclear power in one case, the other, well, A snapping alligator turtle without nuclear, no hope of getting it, till some idiot tore up the deal, but a nation and an ancient one, insulted, threatened and expected to negotiate ?

I note, the 16th ? Allegation of sexual stuff, not even headlines some USA networks, the woman, alleges Trump raped her and describes something in graphic and alarming detail. Trump, responds, she is not my type and he did not do it. End of reporting on the topic. Amazing, the consensual Monicia incident, whilst a vast disparity of power, was in fact consensual and still to this day, he brings it up. All of the 16, even ones now able to reveal being paid off, with bank records, I am amazed how things change. Then again how similar they are to times in other nations under various regimes.

Take care
Mark K
18 June 2004
I am at a loss for words.

Yemen, 300,000 likely die this year.
Systematic genocide in place and fully supported.

I pray for our brave soldiers who well ... follow orders. Gallipoli was fun being landed on a cliff face instead of gently sloping rise ... they fought with dignity and distinction, so too many places ,,,, Rats of Tobruk ... Kokoda and 70 other places

Lest we forget ...
Our leaders, to be blunt ... following as always .... our darkest death march and Burma railway line whilst being starved was ... inhumane.... and close to an extermination camp

Yemen compares. Even Obama stopped selling weapons briefly to Saudi Arabia

Not Trump .///

Genocide .... its just business ...... nothing personal.
300,000 this year .... 1 million next.

Even Trumps senate tried stopping Arm sales ... he Vetoed the senate. I kid you not.

Trumps motto ... now the idiot is running the show ....

Genocide .... its just business ...... nothing personal.

Genocide .... its just business ...... nothing personal.
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18 June 2004

I note the drums beat louder.
On the enrichment, since USA dropped the deal, Iran even if it wanted to cannot export the excess enriched Uranium at 5% ... that is what it did in the past, but the USA has told everyone it will sanction any nation dealing with Iran.

Nothing like creating a situation.
I note, Say for Saddam in Iraq a Sunni Muslin and about 25% there, the military and all army positions were his Sunni brand and the top end his sons, brothers and so on.

He did comply with inspections pre 2003 invasion, even USA only ones, only for the USA still to claim WMD's were there and invade.

I note Libya with the highest life expectancy and education and welfare in the whole of Africa, again Sunni , NOT shia .... was of course a bad apple, attacks in the region and training and support over many years, In the end however .... 2003 Libya handed over a near completed nuclear weapon.

In 2011 ,. some fighting broke out ... against Gadaffi led govt, NATO and USA bombed him to dust aand he died with a bayonett up his rear.

Saddam, not a nice person either, but ... well playing the rules, well we know what he ended up as.

Any action by Iran will be the wrong one I suspect. At least according to the USA and UK.

They cannot have failed to see the value of even letting in inspectors and being a good non terrorist supporting regime.

I note North Korea with the bomb .... the chances of giving it up, to a group that will welsh on any deal is slim if not absurd.

I note with dismay .... Trump .... AGAIN ... claimed USA would be at war with North Korea.
Is he stupid ? Or just deflecting the latest rape allegation ??

China must have had a cow ..... AMNESIA or stupidity .... extreme overconfidence and looking at all others as sub human stupid people.

Well ... China is actually ahead in military tech in some key areas making USA carrier forces basically a target .... this to one side.

Korea ... Korean war, whilst nearly won, China was not happy and invaded, or supported the North and forced all the might of 20 odd nations back to square one. Even thinking about it, out loud ... would be insane. HE actually said it ... whilst China is not North Korea, having the USA conducting a military operation on its borders even the stupid can see is NEVER ever going to occur.

Yemen .... it has 7 Arab nations supporting the genocide ... All Sunni .... against Minority Hooti who are Shia Muslim ...

and ... wait for it ... Academi which is mercenaries .... USA ones called formerly Blackwater

I can count about 10 weapons Iran has that, well ... made me blink. They are masters at copying tech and this one ... from 2006 ... a 200 knot rocket torpedo ... which instead of having a say 20-30 knot advantage over a warship running to evade .... it has a 160 knot catch-up speed.

It is going to be a hoot .... sadly ... that's what they call it and its mounted I believe on various things ... not just fast attack boats but well other missiles which, well .... I suggest the Carrier force moves 2,000 km offshore. Unlikely they do get through, but .... 3,000 odd other modern torpedo and 30 subs ....

The sheer stupidity of Custer at little big horn, his arrogance and contempt, mixed with a dummy running the show who is indifferent to 300,000 Yemen people being slaughtered and likely a million next year is where USA policy is right now. So too .... UK and by silence ... Australia.

Enjoy ...

Some background .... on it ...

And pictures

Please Australia .... do not send our brave sailors and soldiers there. Mr Potato head PM .... WAKE THE HELL UP !!

This is just one of the 10 identified things Iran has got. It happens when you are ... used for 350 well documented VERIFIED BY THE UN .. nerve gas attacks and plead for help .... numerous times to the UN !! Ignored and blocked by UK and USA ....
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18 June 2004
I have to laugh ...

Trump took Ticker Carlson, the right win Fox idiot to meet Kim .... He was in touching distance.

The following is how delusional USA is right now compared to well Obama who was not great but one can only be amazed at this clip.

UN ambassador was also an ex Fox news reporter ...

The world is an amazing place MAGA 2020 ....

Right at the end ... Nobel Peace Prize for Trump ... can 300,000 dead people in Yemen vote ?
18 June 2004
I note drone attacks in Saudi being claimed by as done the Houthi from YEMEN ... are being blamed on another nation IRAN. USA evangelist ... secretary of state Pompeo .... just as bad as the now departed Bolton .... accused IRAN.

He and Pence are really nutty fringe evangelical types who talk about the rapture and end of things. Pence actually makes Trump appear sane, maybe thats why he is vice President .... over and above Trump needed support of these types in the USA in their Anti non Christians and anti gay anti abortion and anti non white policies.

War ... WAR WAR ... Trump gets his wish.
Heaven Help us.

Iran, spends less per GDP than even Australia on defense. Its defense is NOT to attack or invade other nations but has massive capabilities as I already covered.

Its history is shameful what the USA, UK and Australia who blindly backs them ... 350 chemical and nerve gas attacks ignored by the UN ... Verified I might add.

USA bottom line has managed to produce 5 million more barrels of oil a day via Tar sands and Fracking. Break even for this expensive non traditional oil is well over $50- a barrel. Hence why Libya was green-lighted ... then Venezuela and then Iran embargo ... sadly still a glut of oil.

Lets go to war !!

China needs a test bed for its 5th generation stuff and Iran is ingenious in copying it.

Sadly, with extreme regret ... if Iran is actually fired upon the reaction will be ... stunning. Not tit for tat, it will be using one of the maps I showed and then add every port, every oil field, every refinery in the region and every tanker in the gulf and Trump will have the distraction he wants and an oil price that will make his mates some profit.

World has gone mad, meanwhile our fathead PM will follow into the gates of hell.
18 June 2004
Mad ?

Houthis in Yemen, blockaded by aid and sea totally by the USA, being hunted on the ground ... by Saudi and death-toll the UN estimates via famine and outright death in 2019 .... 300,000-.

Australia was silent on this, only UK and USA supported it and 28 EU nations vocal in ther horror.

Now we are supporting this action directly !! AUSTRALIA.

On this recent oil attack ....
"These attacks are our right, and we warn the Saudis that our targets will keep expanding," spokesman Yahya Saree said in a statement read out on the rebels' Al Masirah TV.

"We have the right to strike back in retaliation to the air strikes and the targeting of our civilians for the last five years."

On Houthi TV in Yemen ...

Then we have mike Pompeo CLAIMING Iran was the nation that did it.

Not even a bird can enter Yemen since 2015.

The attacks via 10 drones were not USA style ones which are flown 20,000 km and rain hell from above but commercial TOYS costing less than 1k each likely with a small explosive strapped to them operated on the outskirts of these Oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Pence the vice President is likely to claim Peal Harbor was attacked by the Chinese in 1941 and then Trump that it was Russia bombing the UK in the battle of Britain in 1939.

These people now in power in the USA and their lackeys UK and sadly Australia now ... are DELUSIONAL.

Why are we there ?

Why are we supporting Saudi Arabia in its efforts and goal of total genocide of the Shia people in Yemen ?

That Iran is mainly Shia Muslim faith and sympathies and supports opposition of such a genocide is only to be expected. As to material support, IT post 2015 does not occur. All ports most roads and certainly all air traffic is either totally blocked or searched.

Sadly the excuse Trump needed, he has yet another one all be it totally and easily seen as total rubbish. One nation after last week 100 innocent civilians were bombed and KILLED in Yemen, reacts and admits it was them ... sending back presents to Saudi Arabia and we have totally delusional things coming out of the USA Secretary of States mouth as to who did it .... worse from Pence and Trump ... threatening Iran again ?

These are Pompeo's exact words .... Via twitter ... if one can believe his method.

Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia while Rouhani and Zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy. Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply. There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.

Yes that's why they, the Houthi in Yemen, admitted it on their local TV ... YOU DUMMY !!

Chief dummy TRUMP ... is silent on twitter, so far, which ... I suspect means nothing good.

18 June 2004
Just a few adds to the above.

Yemen has actually conducted over 100 attacks via drones in the past inside Saudi Arabia.
Some drones shot down previously. clearly ... VERY Clearly ... they were made in a garage and domestically IN YEMEN.

Why ? Look closely and the wires are not even soldered, they are joined with cheap insulating wire.
I would also add, there have been previous attacks on Saudi Oil infrastructure.
Whilst its nice to pretend, Iran was involved which maybe it is, the reality is Saudi Arabia has stated clearly its intent is to exterminate all Houthi of the Shia Muslim faith in Yemen. All of them. Around 30 million are in dire straights and 10 million starving.

Only analogy in history is the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising where 300,000 mainly Jewish people rose up against the Nazis. That was 1% the size of what is going on.

USA maintains a total air blockade on the nation. So too a sea blockade where everything is blocked. All bridges and roads into and out of the nation Yemen also cut off.

Other than the Saudis and their other Sunni Muslim nations who joined them and 15,000 USA mercenaries .... the only nations directly supporting the USA in this in any way are the UK ... and NOW Australia.

I do wonder, and the tape of the Saudi Journalist who was murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey ... I have not listened as its too disturbing to hear a man going " your suffocating me" prior to that occurring and him being chopped up.

Yemen ... is ... 300,000 or so dead this year likely according to the United Nations which the USa just slashed its financial support for and no longer feels its accountable for any action by its military anywhere and pulled also out of various bodies meant to protect against soldiers getting out of hand.

Whilst perfect world, there would be no war, that sadly is a dream.

9/11 was an awful act of state sponsored or protected terrorism which killed 3,000 Americans.
In the Iran Iraq war, Iraq, with full support of the UK and USA did not a thing when Iran was the target of 350 chemical warfare and biological weapon attacks. this is on even Wikipedia and the killed and injured were well above Yemens total for even this year. UK even provided the chemicals used to make the agents.

Post 9/11 the Middle east has been torn asunder. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria just to name a few. If the total deaths is under 3 million or 1000 times the 9/11 amount I would be astounded.

Since Yemen and its genocide seems to be missing from the debate as to WHY .... if Yemen were to trow a tantrum of similar size, would say 30 million seem to many ... or 300 million dead since that's 1,000 times the size.

This is just perspective and whilst not a fan of Iran and some of its policies, where is it allowed to stand up being the minority Muslim Shia faith and say here is some food and arms for self protection ?

I have no idea. too hard.

It is alarming and only can pray for a peaceful SANE resolution and we all live in peace.

Some of the claims by the USA that Iran was involved or launched cruise missiles are, well, absurd for the Cruise missile aspect. One sadly may learn WHAT a cruise missile does the hard way, if they decide to attack Iran. A cruise missile verses a soft non fortified target or building uses normally cluster munitions and they are baseball sized things around 5kg and the missile contains 40 or MORE of them.

The attack had 19 separate distinct HITs .... so suggesting even ONE was shot is sadly absurd.

My favorite claim by the USA in relation to Iran was when a USA warship shot down an Iranian airliner 1989 ? with I think 289 people on board. The CLAIM by George Bush Senior, now dead, was the plane was approaching the warship, descending and on the ID it was squawking it was claimed it was a military one. Upon the investigation which occurred .... the plan was rising, going the opposite way to the direction of the USA warship and was clearly squawking via radio an Identification as an Airliner.

George Bush senior was asked about this about 10 years ago, did he regret it ? Or wish to apologize ? And he said NO to both.

Not sure the current USA regime is any better. Nor sadly Australia.

Last ... the drones, ones that can go 900 km ... cost a mere $15,000- ... most components are made in China. Scary world and now its been revealed the Achilles heel of the matter, sadly not going to improve.

Iran, USA mocked them and their capabilities and so on, only to have a drone costing 300 million which they believed invulnerable to be knocked out of the sky and the wreckage which due to gravity drops straight down the recovered and displayed. USA claimed of course the incident occurred in international airspace, which .... again ... shows the total BS going on.

Missile wise, Iran is scary and if attacked will retaliate I sadly suspect many times over.

On Markets, a JOKE.
Seriously .... NO drop in USA or global equities ?
Either I know not a thing about history or risk or the market is now without any humans running things.
When say 9/11 occurred the market dropped a lot.
This, if anything is potentially WORSE .... a delusional one term president facing likely prosecution if he looses in 2020 ....

Supporting the regime that, well makes some actions of WW2 look tame ?

Sadly, and not to be alarmist, Iran has had little choice but to be proactive in its own defense. As to say supporting the minority Houthi in Yemen of the same faith, all be it NOT with any material support since the USA closed all Sea and Air routes and Saudi's all land based support is gone ...

Strange world. Sadly so. Here the graves of those who fought gallantly in Gallipoli and so many other causes to stop this sort of thing, we are on the OTHER SIDE ....

Help I cant breathe either not sure iof its the stench of USA or the Saudi person with a plastic bag over my head.

Be wary of markets. Risk adverse is always the best option at all time highs let alone when they ignore ... IGNORE the destruction of 50% of the oil capacity of the worlds largest oil producer.

Possibly the strangest and most staged response I have ever seen in my life. Not suggesting panic .... but, gee ... all time highs as the foundations just had one leg removed let alone the other structural issues.

All so Trump could tear up a deal that was working with the nuclear issue for Iran.

Garpal Gumnut

Ross Island Hotel
2 January 2006
Iran is Iraq.

They are both hopeless states led by masturbatory mullahs/politicians and destined to be swallowed up excuse the phrase by their neighbours.

They are less than 6cm away from each other on my keyboard.

Long may they they rot.

18 June 2004
Whilst our fathead PM .... is at the white house ...

Be proud we support the USA in all this ...

I note the above persons post and lack of humanity ... hope he gets sent there !!

Geneva convention ? No wonder Iran is prepared.