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  1. kahuna1

    Iran Is not Iraq

    Lets kick the ball off ... WARS and by this I mean big ones, are bad for markets. Shocking if they are world ones. In 1937 as Europe headed there Equities got slammed, Battle of Britain, even more. Pearl Harbor saw another PREMIUM demand and stocks shed another 20%. Iran is NOT Iraq. Iraq...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    "They don't like it up 'em!"

    I have waited over twenty five years for this night, and will stay up, watching Al Jazeera, with my trusty short wave radio, listening in to the beginning of the end for Gaddafi , his family and his goons. I was, in the company of a good friend, attacked by members of his entourage many...
  3. Wysiwyg

    Iranian Civil War??

    Conflict and turmoil has escalated within Iran as Government opposition members are killed. Is Iran heading toward a civil war or will any opposition be crushed and subdued before building any strength? Everybody wants to be closer to free.
  4. sam76

    Iran has invaded Iraq

    Maybe a little bit of an alarmist heading but according to this report Iran nicked into Iraq and occupied one of it's largets oil fields for THREE days! Apparently, they are still on Iraq soil as well???? I would have thought this was an act of war??? Crude prices rose on Friday...
  5. wayneL

    Iran: Why build the bomb?

    OK I don't want to focus on whether Iran is building the bomb or whether we should let them build it or not. Plenty of discussion on the other thread for that, so let's keep that there. Let's for a moment take for granted that they ARE building the bomb. The basic position if the US and...
  6. S

    Military strike on Iran

    Should the west strike Iran and cripple any nuclear programme...
  7. wayneL

    War with Iran :-0

    Check out this CNN footage :-0 Oh Cr@p!!!!!!!!!
  8. wayneL

    Sabre Rattling - Iran

    Iraq and Afghanistan was one thing. Iran is quite another. I find the current sabre rattling over Iran disturbing in the extreme. The results of tangling with them will have far wider ramifications than just the price of oil. A wider conflict would be almost certain...and dare I say...
  9. R

    *IRAN* War already started: Scott Ritter

    The US war with Iran has already begun. by Scott Ritter Sunday 19 June 2005. Americans, along with the rest of the world, are starting to wake up to the uncomfortable fact that President George Bush not only lied to them about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (the ostensible...