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What Live data/charting software?

18 February 2011
Hi there, I've recently become addicted to the stock market, kind of getting tired of seeing 20min delays on my Iphone and when on the computer not having history or more information about set stocks. I'm quite new to it all but friends have told me about Bourse and I've been reading the topic here about it and only heard bad things, about the graphing aspects being not so technical.

So I don't mind paying a premium for something 'good' that I will use for awhile, or paying monthly, but I do want something which can give me all the information and more as I progress and learn, I do want something that offers technical information for later on.

So in short my checklist is:
• Live data.
• Iphone app with live data.
• portfolio software included.
• technical graphs.
• maybe a news feature with it, that adds news articles from papers or internet sources for companies? (this might be a completely different program on its own).
• shows history of the select stock - e.g. volumes/offers/asks/ accepted requests/ - can we see the amount of shares sold? and amount bought?

I am a beginner so I assume this is suited to this part of the forums, I don't know if what I'm looking for is in a complete package, but I'm just looking for something that can do this.. Maybe if 1 or 2 programs can cover it all, I'll be a happy chappy!