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March 2024 Stock Competition Entry Thread

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Congratulations to our winners from the February competition - impressive results! :)

Tough one to choose this month, but I'll go with ANZ for this month please @Joe Blow (just edging out the other options at the moment with ABB and A2M). All of the best to all competitors.
WHK Whitehawk for the recent pop and relevance to the macro trends of AI and cybersecurity.

Apologies to Farmerge; I wish you well with this pick!

I'll take SPA Spacetalk instead if that's OK to change to an untaken pick.

Thanks Joe
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I'll have my old favorite PRS thanks Joe.

Must be close to some more assay results. Market still hasn't given much attention the potential of Korsnas yet. Good TSF drilling results and that might change.
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