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March 2024 Stock Competition Entry Thread

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Joe Blow

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28 May 2004
Good morning everyone and welcome to the March 2024 stock tipping competition entry thread! :)

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Register through a link at ASF to receive $15 off the price of your first subscription. :xyxthumbs

A quick recap of the rules for those not familiar with them:

1. Each entrant may choose one ASX listed stock. Options, warrants and deferred settlement shares are not permitted.

2. Stocks with a price of less than $0.01 are ineligible for the competition, as are stocks that are currently suspended from trading.

3. Either before or after posting your entry and before the deadline for entries you must post in the forum thread of the stock you have entered providing either a general update or a view on why you think the share price is going to increase in the short term.

4. The winner is the entrant whose selected stock performs the best in percentage terms between the close of trading on 29 February (entry price) and the close of trading on 29 March.

5. The maximum number of entrants in the competition is 100.

The entry price for all entries is the closing price on the last trading day of this month.

The competition winner will receive $100. The second placegetter will win $50 and the third placegetter $25.

You have until midnight on Thursday, 29 February to enter. However, in practice entries can be submitted until this thread is closed. No entries submitted after that can be accepted for any reason.

Please post your entries in this thread. Remember, once you have selected your stock, you CANNOT change it for any reason.

Best of luck to all entrants! :xyxthumbs
woo rcw were you waiting in the starting blocks for this one.
I'm in the process of trying to find a suitable penny dreadful that just might last the distance, along the lines of a 2 mile galloper.
when i did that all i found were Clydesdales
doesn't do so well in monthly sprints 🤔
My grandfather had Clydies on his farm, just one large dinner plate in front of the other, but I can remember waaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a kid, these horses getting into a pretty good gallop if it suited them.
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