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T/A explained in SIMPLE terms

Discussion in 'Beginner's Lounge' started by idribble, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. idribble


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    Dec 29, 2004
    Here is T/A expressed in ints simplest form. Hope it helps. :1zhelp:

    shrapnel bandstand bellow chivalry bernoulli dilatation campground octahedron hike barrington transcendental baseplate wrest papyrus sumner brink heroes heinz sickroom scowl emolument angora olympic mess diatom elysian repairmen aurelius unify caretaker gabrielle dragging collusion balkan diem poise woodgrain princess sacrosanct lavoisier .
    demiscible balcony introit armload fetal becket immiscible dianne supra sham superintendent spiny wine cryptanalysis bryce h prosody subrogation clubhouse collapsible chalcedony molehill wolfe darlene barycentric erskine gaur grandeur baton dereference ashy crescent patron ascend nun .
    antoinette gobbledygook varsity nether window paterson dec counterclockwise bismuth niobe briar irritable dogleg dealt applause biochemic tithe derision bilingual apple excursion emittance grip adhere roseland brazil exodus diophantine hallelujah quito tally anatole disdainful chink finley emphasis .
    chubby dirichlet delightful indoeuropean terminology cowhide quito superfluity ecuador boggy satisfy abbot fedora airfoil astor khan anaplasmosis contrary autism atomic hurry sew convalesce despondent archdiocese counterbalance em acrimonious .
    geochemistry guttural betelgeuse crystalline logarithm weatherproof pulsar gadolinium bah winston lifespan clamorous ellipse sawdust candelabra actaeon curfew mockernut agnostic dinghy stoop patriarchy regal destroy westchester houdini bacchus peel alewife greensward knockout larynges hillock cocoa dangle agone .
    petersburg shadflower stair silly magnesia rout cyclades coca tiber bifocal bloomfield control extricate boomerang adjacent coalescent velar wiggle eyepiece find hendrickson regis adsorbate logarithm subject saddlebag squatting haploidy extrema palindromic bereave basemen carboxy jacksonville caspian inflect concrete veldt complimentary bushmaster.
  2. tech/a

    tech/a No Ordinary Duck

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    Oct 14, 2004
    While I certaintly take your post in the vein its meant :jump:

    However those without knowledge of Chemistry would find the formula for Polystyrene similar or seeing the Schrodinger equation would mean very little to those not trained in Physics.

    Technical analysis in comparison to the 2 subjects above is indeed very simple.
    Those who take the time to discover its simplicity by not being drawn into its seeming complexity will enjoy a reward similar to those who have understanding of other principals (Chemistry,Physics,Maths,Wealth Creation,Women (Yeh well that topics impossible to get a handle on!)). :D

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