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Selling the Bump on ASX

While not many stocks are at my planned sell price I am thinking the market is looking a bit toppy.

Just as QBE did an unexpected turn before I could get totally out.
don't stop watching QBE it often moves unexpectedly ,

my usual tactical for QBE is put in a sell order ( reduce in my case ) 5 or 10 cents above the target price and WAIT ( and adjust if you have time on the day )

toppy ? i agree , am looking ( unsuccessfully , so far ) to build a position in some 'reverse index' ETFs
Got rid of some TLS @$4.3

12 mth high. Divis/FC in the bank.

Still have a lot just need some $ for a reno and I'll kick myself if it drifts back down soon, as this is my strategy, to by low and sell high without day trading or kicking myself for not getting tops and bottom 100%