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JRV - Jervois Global

There are significant differences.

-JRV is a primary Sc resource.
-No need to mine Ni/Co laterite.
-Compare the grades. JRV have already designed an initial open pit design on land owned by the company @350ppm Sc.
-There are areas with >500ppm Sc.
-Testwork on Sc extraction well advanced.
-End user for final product.
-Overseas facility to produce final product for fuel cell use (ScSZ).

thegenerator :)
I have been told that Bloom Energy has approached Jervois to purchase scandium oxide. Bloom Energy has just launched the ‘Bloom Box’ which is fuel cell which requires scandium as a key component.

Apparently the only other source of scandium comes from Russia and they can’t provide the quantity required by Bloom. Production from Russia is difficult to determine but 3-5 tonnes is estimated. Bloom requires 30-50 tonnes of scandium oxide.

Always been disappointed with JRV management but they seem to be lucky bunch of DHs. Scandium is the most sought after rare earth resource and tipped to sell for $3000/Kg. Jervois has the only known commercial supply. NPV is greater than $4B for Scandium alone (JV). Production to ramp up in 2012. The SP can only go up big time.:):eek::):eek:
Jervois Mining up 19.64% to 33.5c today after announcing that it has submitted an application for a Prospecting License over the Kabanga nickel-cobalt deposit in the Kagera region of Tanzania.

The company stated that it believes Kabanga to be the highest quality undeveloped nickel-cobalt deposit in the world, with a Definitive Feasibility Study envisaging annual production in excess of 50kt nickel with significant cobalt and copper co-products.

The previous owners, the Glencore-Barrick Gold joint venture, invested significantly in drilling and studies but had their retention licence cancelled by the Tanzanian government in January.

More info here:

JRV's price is responding well to the announcement: "has the potential to transform Jervois into the second largest producer of refined cobalt outside China", and has been on the rise from recent low.


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I was also eyeing this one at the open but there wasn't enough volume on the ask at my price. Price has jumped a few cents higher since then. I'll have to wait for a small dip to buy.

Recent spp at 0.44 should provide some support.

JRV has been in an overall up trend this year. Currently at support should show a good rise in December to new highs by the end of the month.
JRV has been in an overall up trend this year. Currently at support should show a good rise in December to new highs by the end of the month.
seems to be wearing different hard hat this year. You're right about the overall uptrend.

Latest Ann; Highlights:
• Detailed engineering and procurement at Jervois’s 100%-owned Idaho Cobalt Operations, in Idaho, United States are substantially advanced with commitments for approximately 75% of all equipment and material required for construction.
• Mine development has advanced to over 136 feet on the west portal and 100 feet on the east portal, critical progress required to establish underground mining infrastructure.
• Jervois Global Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bryce Crocker returned to site to review construction progress.
• Once complete, ICO will be the only mine supply of cobalt in the United States, a critical mineral necessary for industry, defense, electric vehicles and energy generation and distribution in a carbon constrained economy.
i joined stock picking comp and this is one of my brother likes cobalt and this is his ive copied him!
Plenty of upside if they can get things rolling in the next 12 months:
  • Developing a fully-integrated cobalt value chain and on track to become the only cobalt mine in the United States
  • Specialty Cobalt chemicals producer at Jervois Finland
  • Cobalt, copper and gold exposure with Idaho Cobalt Operations (ICO)
  • Nickel and cobalt refinery and direct downstream customer exposure by São Miguel Paulista (SMP)
I have selected JRV again for the Feb Comp.
Looked quite promising up till the 21st Jan. Made just over 8% for the month.
May have found support to continue for new highs for February.
Looking for a new high for the month of March. Assuming upward from the recent lows on 14/2 &18/2, to >0.78. Probably not first place unless a real breakout, but still looking good.
Explanation of today's price drop in JRV found in


Why isn't this news released through the ASX? News like this is certainly price sensitive.
Jervois Global (JRV) will officially open its Idaho Cobalt Operations (ICO) mine site near Salmon, Idaho in the US today.

The mine is commencing a commissioning phase during October, with equipment undergoing final completion testwork ahead of continuous commercial concentrate production, which is expected across Q4 2022.