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E25 - Element 25

New deposit found with possible higher grades than Yanneri Ridge. Can be included in current scoping study - this stock is going from strength to strength with still very considerable upside. Tightly held.
Seems to be movement at the station, i have heard an anouncement is imminent???
Any thoughts???
Here we go!!!!!!!!
Sit back & watch this baby fly

As I indicated in my infraction notice, these kind of no content ramps are not permitted here at ASF, so please do not post any more.

However, you do owe those reading this thread some more detail. Please explain why you belive this stock is about to "fly".
As I indicated in my infraction notice, these kind of no content ramps are not permitted here at ASF, so please do not post any more.

However, you do owe those reading this thread some more detail. Please explain why you belive this stock is about to "fly".

Too late :(

This stock flew this week. Literally had a rocket up it's bottom.

23% up today, dunno why but I'm researching MZM!!
On May 17th, 2018, Montezuma Mining Company Ltd (MZM) changed its name and ASX code to Element 25 Limited (E25).
Melting up nicely, getting closer to permitting ? for manganese mine.

I wonder if the guys that got in on the first run are still around. There's no way I'm going to dig through a decade of reports, financials etc to work out wtf has gone on.

Is this just a repeat of the same mania?
What's driving it though? There's speculation, and there's mania.
What's driving it though? There's speculation, and there's mania.
And there is transformative positioning

The company is currently developing the world class Butcherbird deposit to produce high quality manganese concentrate and High Purity Manganese (HPM) products for traditional and new energy markets.

In fact, its recent Investor Presentation puts this to the fore:

Growing a world class Zero Carbon Manganese™ business

E25 has just raised $35M via a placement to develop, in stages, Butcherbird:
Australia’s largest onshore manganese deposit.
• >260 Mt of manganese ore in JORC resources.
• Reserve containing 5.22 Mt of manganese2.
• 100% owned by Element 25 Limited.
• Located in WA.
• Excellent infrastructure (highway and gas pipeline).
• Simple low-cost mining and processing.
• No blasting or dewatering required.
• Long minelife. Currently 42 years using only 20% of the global resource.

Serving the Old…
Manganese (Mn) is the fourth most used metal on earth in terms of tonnage.
• Used in steel, specialty alloys and aluminium products.
• Traditionally the market has been dominated by the steel and alkaline battery industries.
• There is no substitute for manganese in steel.
• E25 manganese concentrate and EMM feed this market.

And the New…
The electrification of the global vehicle fleet requires vast amounts of cathode materials.
• Nickel and cobalt supplies cannot meet the demand for projected NEV growth.
• Batteries are trending toward higher manganese content for safer, more cost-effective solutions.
• E25 high purity manganese will feed these markets

E25 took a hit in November when a shaft failed and processing halted.

Logwasher repair and plant engineering modifications nearing completion, processing plant to restart as soon as re-assembly is complete.
• All replacement parts are on site or in Perth for final engineering activities.
• Manganese shipment departed on 5 December as scheduled.
• Processing plant engineering modifications to improve processing efficiencies being completed in parallel with repair works.
• Pre-processing of material via the scalping screen is ongoing – substantial stocks of material are available for processing on restart

Operations anticipates achieving nameplate production at Butcherbird by Q1 2022.

The Business Development team is focussing on E25’s multi-stage development strategy, including a Stage 2 expansion of the concentrate business followed by a Stage 3 development to convert the concentrate material into HPMSM for electric vehicle EV batteries to power the global transition away from fossil fuel powered mobility.
Manganese is emerging as an increasingly important ingredient for EV batteries, with potential supply constraints for nickel and cobalt forcing battery manufacturers to look to high manganese cathodes to produce the vast amount of cathode material required by the EV industry in coming years.

If NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese) becomes the dominant battery solution, as purported by some, then scaling up for volume is going to get exciting in the next few years.
E25 is one of my tips in the 2022 competition.

As a pick, not too much has changed from the March post and especially the update of last week. Clearly, delays are hazardous to the SP and there has been a retreat from earlier optimism, slipping from above $2 to skirmish $1.00 early December. Now the issues seem surmountable, interest has returned and now trading around $1.29. (not the number reported in my Comp entry of 1.97 !!)

Shipments of ore have been impacted (Nov announcement) but there is cashflow !!
• COVID related shipping congestion has resulted in a sharp spike in global shipping costs which have significantly impacted on gross margins for the first two manganese shipments.
• In response to the elevated shipping charges for Handymax size vessels in particular, E25 announced in September 2021 a transition to Supramax vessels.
• The revised strategy has successfully resulted in a tariff reduction for the third concentrate shipment of approximately 45% from peak rates to date.
• The reduction in freight rate charges equates to an effective increased realised FOB price of approximately USD$0.75/dmtu.
• The Baltic Dry Index, a proxy for global shipping tariffs has begun to normalise, although it remains elevated above PFS assumptions
It's probably built into the share price, but good to see some benefits from a shutdown and repair situation. Now $1.20.

The processing plant at the Company’s Butcherbird Manganese Project is demonstrating significant performance improvements since the logwasher repair and engineering modification works were completed on schedule in late December 2021.

The works undertaken during December 2021 focussed on the repair of the shaft failure as announced and updated on 22 November and 13 December 2021 respectively and the implementation of a range of engineering improvements that had already been planned prior to the plant failure.

Pleasingly, plant production volumes have shown significant improvements since re-commissioning of the plant, with a new daily production record of 1,209 tonnes being achieved on 3 January 2022, well above the target nameplate production of 1,000 tpd for the Stage 1 production plant.

In parallel with the repair works, a range of modifications have been made to the plant to improve plant access for maintenance, manage material flow through the plant, reduce wear on key components, improve noise and dust control as well as adjusting the overall site layout to increase operational and maintenance scheduling flexibility and throughput.

E25 Managing Director Mr Justin Brown commented, “The record daily production of 1,209 tonnes achieved on 3 January is equivalent to annualised production of over 400 Kt per annum which exceeds our 365 Ktpa nameplate capability. Whilst it is premature to make firm forecasts on annual production volumes, it is highly encouraging to see this step-change in process plant performance after the implementation of the planned improvements.
It's probably built into the share price, but good to see some benefits from a shutdown and repair situation. Now $1.20.
maybe my tipping should be on Care and Maintenance?

Two strong days since the All Clear/ Full Steam Ahead. and as high as $1.71 today, now $1.62