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    Ethnic names struggle in job search

    Ethnic names' struggle in job search Or Yes, we are Racist, now bugger off Sol :eek: New research by the Australian National University shows job applicants with 'ethnic' names find it tougher to get an interview than those with Anglo-Saxon names. Economists at the university...
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    Do you think Oz is backward and racist?

    You can look it up here It only takes one bad apple to spoil a whole basket I guess Sol has a point.
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    Combating the Resurgent Taliban

    Are Aussies dying in Afghanistan so that the US can have bases in the back yard of Russia, China and Iran? All we get told on the news is of a resurgent Taliban. I wonder who is supplying them with the weapons, Osama? Kyrgyzstan To Set Deadline For Closing Key US Air Base Last...