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    EMR - Emerald Resources

    I know longer hold Emerald, and am unsure what happened yesterday day, but it certainly had a good rise in price, and volume to go with it. Hit resistance at 56.5/57 cents, which was another recent high, will be interesting to see if any news comes out about it. Attached daily chart. Cheers Trav
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    WAF - West African Resources

    WAF has been having a good run of late, and to be honest I don't follow the company announcements as closely as I should (I currently hold) but they have released a good quarterly report and an agreement to buy in on a nearby project. I originally bought in at around 44c looking to sell at the...
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    CVN - Carnarvon Energy

    Here I am for the May stock tipping comp and having a bit of a punt on Carnarvon Petroleum. Taking a look at this due to the low oil price and thinking as we come out of these strange and quiet covid-19 times, there will be more need for oil/petroleum products and the oil price will rise. Chart...
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    May Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    CVN please Joe, taking a punt on this one.
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    April 2020 Stock Competition Entries!

    Oh well out of the top 10, better get a screen grab before it is updated. Some good percentage increases this month after a shocker in March for most of us.
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    EMR - Emerald Resources

    Well EMR has well and truly been smashed over the last month (like most stocks) It does appear to be sitting at 0.025c and looks like a level of support.... if it holds is another question and only time will tell. Attached is a weekly chart for reference.
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    April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    I would like to take EMR again thanks Joe
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    EMR - Emerald Resources

    I noticed my previous post the attachment doesn't open... I'm hoping this pic will work. Weekly chart.
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    EMR - Emerald Resources

    Just throwing in a weekly chart as it appears to be coming up to a 0.05 price that looks like resistance. Will be interesting to see if it can push through this mark as it has been slowly trending up.
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    March Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    I would like to run with EMR please Joe
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    WGX - Westgold Resources

    Having a look from my post above WGX tested resistance at $2.50ish and failed to push through. It is back down at $2.00 and appears to be holding up as support, but is being tested. Do not hold any WGX
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    December Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    WGX thanks Joe
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    WGX - Westgold Resources

    Haven't really followed WGX for a while, but has been on a up trend from the start of the year and looking like it will test resistance at $2.57, and potentially new highs. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I don't hold any of this stock. Trav
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    November Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    NST please Joe.
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    NST - Northern Star Resources

    Having a look at NST and it seems to be having a bit of a sell off, but hoping that the up trend will continue when it hits a support level around the $9.40 mark. Weekly chart below.