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    Dow Jones Chart

    The lower diagonal line has been tested a few times and has held as support. The next few days should see it tested again. (click to expand)
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    Gold - Get Physical

    When you decide to sell it they will check the quality, too late then though if it's substandard !
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    I agree with the highlighted bit. I have a few mates in Dubai and they were big on buying the physical and that was their advice ages ago, seems to be a thing to do over there. I looked into it but found there was a few hassles with the physical and the spread could be up to 10% with some of...
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    WGX - Westgold Resources

    Hasn't been much on this lately. This weekly EW pattern has got my attention. (Disc - I do hold). (click to expand)
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    LTR - Liontown Resources

    Triggered my weekly system a few weeks ago, performing nicely atm. 👍 (click to expand)
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    MUSIC - What are ASF members listening to?

    Warren Zevon, great poet and songwriter imo, RIP. He made an album (The Wind) after he was given three months to live when diagnosed with lung cancer. This is a song he did shortly before he passed away.
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    Not the PEN thread

    Yes, we've all been there bux and probably will be again. That PEN thread was fun though 💑🤼‍♂️
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    Just another annoying TLS EW post, and just my opinion :cautious: It closed on the predicted $2.82 yesterday. I'm still not seeing anything positive in it's behaviour and wondering if the current pattern may not yet be complete ?. (click to expand)
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    SFG - Seafarms Group

    The break through 10c got my attention last week. (click to expand)
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    CLQ - Clean TeQ Holdings

    Well, this took off like a rabbit today. Weekly chart below. (click to expand)
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    Follow on from this post... So far it's got to one cent of the software prediction and ahead of time (lateral movement) which TLS seems to do. I'm still not seeing anything positive in it's behaviour at the moment and I wouldn't be surprised to...
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    No I’m not @Newt. Just adjusted the stops where necessary on existing holdings and left any updates etc until I get back on around the 5th Sept. Cheers.
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    I’ve been in and out of internet coverage in Arnhem Land and Areas of Kakadu so haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening to the share price. Now in Katherine and getting updated and it seems like it could be on its way there @sptrawler. Cheers.
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    Gold Price - Where is it heading?

    Rather than scanning the lot regularly I tend to stick with a few that I "know". EVN is one of those that I have some luck picking the turns and it has come up in the scanner as a prospect again. EVN and the daily All Ords scanner below. (ignore the software date EVN top left - software issue)...
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    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    Extract above was from a post around the end of January. It did hit $3.94 and then headed South from there. MTPredictor gave a nice heads up back then and a few weeks ago signalled another short to $2.82. Second signals are usually not as reliable as the first one in these situations (imo) but...