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    88E - 88 Energy

    Re: TPT - Tangiers Petroleum this is a very quite thread for a small oil company with a big few months ahead. re processing of morocco lease( a massive 15,000 square km's) should be complete in a few weeks, and looking to joint venture it out this year. re processing of the old drillsearch...
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    AQC - Australian Pacific Coal

    hopefully the rio tinto joint venture goes ahead, and in the quarterly. there is talk of another joint venture with a company called recycoal to
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    CHF - Charter Pacific Corporation

    its quite a different company now, some new directors , a iron ore project next to asx listed sphere minerals with xstrata been the major share holder in takeover that did not get 90% acceptance in mauritania major shareholder of monteray mining ( mry) and farmworks (fwa) Company...
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    BAS - Bass Oil

    glad adams has gone , looks goods on the horizon , a new appointment not far from drilling now this are looking good. i hope study agreement turns into joint venture
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    IGE - Integrated Green Energy Solutions

    Re: MGK - MIL Resources a lot has changed since then a new board and about to drill in a few weeks, a bit of cash to do drilling round 1 . here is hoping drilling produces good results , the sp has been around 2 cents for far too long
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    excellent post ! sam . i agree its worth well over a dollar a share. i had 2 mines department guys call me this week from qld. attached is mines department complaint form , for all shareholders and people who want to stop this happening , this could happen to other companies if they get...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    contact all qld government parties , not just the one in power and qld news papers, let the general public know the story people power , let the mining towns know what the current government is letting bhushan get away with it. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK. WE CAN GET A BETTER PRICE!! DO...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    good stuff sam , bhushan should not get away with this and its not too late for anyone to keep pressing the issue
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    bhushan steel is trying to taken them over for 14 cents per share. is what that order is. the recent share volume says we no better that the company is worth more. the majority of shareholder did vote for a new board and to kick the current one out. on june 22nd bhushan called them...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    not sure why its does that sam , maybe its a browser thing? it does that to me some times too. but open the page again and it should be fine. and can read the links and information. very interesting that bowen should make a statement about a indian press article denying the statement, did it...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    to keep upto date with the 'pro active shareholder group' to help get value back into bowen energy.
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    BWN - Bowen Energy The mines are estimated to have reserves of 1 billion tonnes of thermal coal and coking coal, Johari said, adding they would start mining in about two months if this was the case 1 billion ton, BHUSHAN would have to pay...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    does anyone here hold or follow the stock still? not much comment on it , bhushan have now launched a takeover. very unfair at 14 cents considering bhushan say in the press about 1 billion ton of coal in indian newspapers it to be expected to be proved up , even if its half that and remember...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    when you all ring asic on monday asic phone number : 07 3867 4700 asx 02 9338 0000 note on page 10 and 25 OUR COMPANY SECRETARY IS A DIRECTOR OF BHUSHAN STEEL !!!!! GLENN THOMAS MERCHANT , WHY WAS THIS NOT DISCLOSED EARLIER ??????????????? THE BOARD LOOKS LIKE THIS...
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    BWN - Bowen Energy

    it just shows how much shareholders are not been told . there must be some good ammount of coal we are not been told about , bhushan are sly sneak and suspicious to say the least , no company in australia will ever deal with bhushan again , i hope qld government step in and block the bid...