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Most liked posts in thread: What happens to your SMSF when you die

  1. Belli


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    Apr 3, 2017
    I have the BDBN directing the Trustee to pay the death benefits to my Estate. My Will establishes a Superannuation Death Benefits Trust with a view to distribute the funds in the most effective after-tax manner. One thought to consider is shares in the company acting as Trustee be given to the Executor (that passes control) and essentially requesting the Executor to comply with the terms of the BDBN.

    Original of my Will and copy of BDBN is held by solicitor - or rather the legal firm - and a copy of the Will and original of BDBN is with the financial firm I use. Makes it slightly more difficult to undertake "plundering"

    About 30 pages involved in the Will which I am about to do a regular review to accommodate any changes to legislation of which I may be unaware. Sometimes also good to ponder if there should be an Enduring Power of Attorney.

    I am continually amazed how some establish a SMSF but don't consider Estate planning. Some interesting legal cases over superannuation of deceased estates.
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