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Wenatex Free Dinner for 2?

9 November 2007
Hey all got this strange mail today from a company called Wenatex offering me free dinner for two at a local club.
like any net savvy folk I went and google this Wenatex mob, turns out there selling some bed products etc...just wondering if any of the ASF members got this letter as well, and actually went to attend, I smell scam all over it like those Nigerian 419's scams only on this they actually feed you, well a free dinner is a free dinner.
Looks as though they do this regularly in the hope of recruiting new "consultants". See as follows:

To be a Wenatex Seminar Presenter is to be a person who has a passion for health and well-being, as well as a genuine devotion to helping people. This career is not only an opportunity to make a good income, it is a chance for you to make a difference to people’s lives with a product that is one-of-a-kind.

“I attended a Wenatex seminar at the Warragul Club a few months ago. The venue was ideal and the meal served, was delicious! The presenters did a wonderful job providing an entertaining and informative flavour to the evening ”” many laughs were had.” Erika S.

The benefits of being a Wenatex Sales consultant:

Excellent earning potential
Sell a high-quality product
2 weeks' comprehensive paid training
Paid accommodation during training (held in Brisbane)
Continuous mentoring and ongoing support
All seminars are organized for you
Support of a multi-national company while you remain your own boss
Fantastic income $$$ Great Opportunity for husband and wife teams or partnerships

I went to one of these dinner's and they are trying to sell you a bed for between $4000 and $12000 there pillow's were $1000 and pillow case was $250 the dinner was so beautiful though
I've been to a seminar... very nice dinner and professional promo.

My mum had been to one years earlier. She had a hip replacement and pretty bad arthritis and got a matress cover thing... like an extra little matress and the pillow and swears by it.

The price baulked me though... but I didn't think the prices we were quoted were that outrageous. I guess I wasn't in bad enough pain.
My wife and I went to one of these dinners and were conned into getting a mattress, herbal inlay and pillows. Cost us over $5,000. We have been using these for a year now and they are a complete waste of money. Really not worth it.
LOL go eat the dinner , thank them and move onto the next joker givin away something :)

That's exactly what I did... ate & ran. Felt bad for the poor guy trying to flog his wares though, you could just tell he needed to sell a crap load... but at those prices:eek: he's dreamin.
That's exactly what I did... ate & ran. Felt bad for the poor guy trying to flog his wares though, you could just tell he needed to sell a crap load... but at those prices:eek: he's dreamin.

doubt he would of felt sorry for you if you bought some tho :) .....well done ...... i had an options mob shout me dinner and a few drinks actually at the hyatt in perth many years ago :) i ate , i drank , i thanked , went home .... buggas still keep sendin me junk mail though
No need to feel bad about not buying anything after accepting their food and drink.

They made the invitation with no obligation to buy.

They must get reasonable number of sales or they wouldn't keep doing it.
My girlfriends parents went to one of these
They ate their dinner, listened to what the bloke had to say and left ;)

No such thing as a free lunch (dinner) is a lie :D

Its true theres no such thing as a free dinner....
you might not buy the stuff but you will be bored out of your brain and your contact details will be sold to every marketing mob in India.
Definitely not worth all that for a feed.
We went to the seminar. We got into the hype and although we felt the price was way to high, decided to leave a deposit for the Queen Deluxe System so that we could benefit from the 25% discount only offered on the night. We had assumed that if we changed our mind, end of deal. However, to our horror, we were told when we rang to cancel the order (once we came home and googled Wenatex and came down from the hype of this overpriced product), that our deposit was non refundable. It was there in black and white on the order form, but we didn't see it because we unfortunately got completely over excited and signed up on impulse. I know that this is how I shop, but when you buy from a reputable store, you always have the choice to return the goods or cancel the order.

The option we have now is to spend the deposit ($519.00) on one of their overpriced products. Which leaves me with the option of buying two pillows at $254.00 each (that's minus the discount), or some lame, overpriced Sheraton sheet sets (a crappy 300 thread count), or basic overpriced towels. I am kicking myself! I could have brought two Tempur pillows for less than that. This was one expensive mistake. Hope this helps and warns others. By the way, we found out afterwards, that we could have put a 10% deposit on one pillow and that would have locked in a 25% discount on whatever else we wanted to buy, we could change the order at any time as long as it was done before the order was ready to be delivered and paid in full.
I am going to one of these dinners in a few weeks, thanks for the warnings everybody, I will now go and stuff my belly / have a bit to wash it down and tell them no thanks (I left my wallet at home)....................................
There's no such thing as a free lunch... or in this case, a free dinner. :D
I have been 2 of these Wenatex dinners over the past 2 years, and found them to honour their invitation by giving a free dinner and also some free gifts. Sure they are ther to try to sell, but they are also very professional and informative.

When I attended the first time I found the presenter to be very entertaining and informative, I ate , I took my free gift and thanked the presenter and left.

When I attended more recently I found that their sleep system had been signifinantly improved and they do go on about their constant research and development. On this occassion I actually ordered a system from them and took advantage of their "on the night" offer, and was made away that the deposit I paid was not refundable.

I am now enjoying quality sleep on the best matress that I have ever slept on, and on comparison it was not outrageously expensive. I would not hesitate in suggesting that anybody who is eriously in market for a mattress ring them up and ask for an invitation to one of their presentations - at the worst you will get a decent meal, a couple of free gifts ad also a bundle of relavent information.
I went to one of these dinner's and they are trying to sell you a bed for between $4000 and $12000 there pillow's were $1000 and pillow case was $250 the dinner was so beautiful though

I am confused, did you actually listen to the presenter or were you carried away with your free meal?

The pillow and the pillow case were under $280 combined, and I actually purchased the latest King Size System and the cost was around $6,500 which I found very competitive as I had done my homework before I went (yes I was in the marked for a new mattress) and furthermore the Manufacturer lives up to all the represntations made by the presenter. I am a happy vegemite, and was well fed and given a couple of freebies, and this was at the start of the evning.
There is nothing to stop you eating and walking with your freebies