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VUK - Virgin Money UK PLC

am not so sure the Indians will flock to Australia ( more than are already here on student visas )

and not so sure many Australians will do more than visit India ( probably to do business deals )

Bollywood might snap up some of the unemployed artists and musicians ( and actors ) but India can land probes on Mars am not seeing a compulsion to migrate to Australia with the skills Australia needs ( apart from willingness to work cheap )
That is the problem the U.K working class had with Eastern European migrant workers ( apart from willingness to work cheap ) and one of the major reasons Brexit got up.
The media make a big deal of Brexit, I have a cousin who has always lived in U.K, he still thinks it was the best thing to do.

Pay and conditions in U.K were one of the best in Europe, along with Germany and Scandinavia, but it was harder to get work there than the U.K and more difficult to get onto the welfare system.
So apparently the U.K workers felt they were being white anted by caravan loads of Eastern european workers, which stands to reason because there was no borders and they were just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, that doesn't mean the U.K workers liked it. ;)

As for not seeing a compulsion for Indians to migrate to Australia, the suburb I live in is heavily weighted toward Indians, due to the excellent public senior high school and I must say they are brilliant neighbours and terrific people.

Australian Indian Population.
At the end of June 2021, 710,380 Indian-born people were living in Australia, more than twice the number (337,120) at 30 June 2011
Indians make up around 3% of the Australian population and approx population of Indians in Australia as of 2023 is 806,000

India's Australian population
According to the Australian High Commission, there are about 3,000 to 4,000 Australians living and working in India.

I'm not saying it is right or wrong either way and I don't work, so it doesn't worry me.
But I do find it disconcerting, when people make definitive comments about another country, that they probably have no idea about, other than what they read in the media. :2twocents

But getting back on topic VUK, I've had them a few times, last time at around $1 during covid, from a self funded point of view their dividend doesn't work for me, but if they have a serious dip in SP I will grab them for capital gain, the U.K ain't going broke IMO.
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The media make a big deal of Brexit, I have a cousin who has always lived in U.K, he still thinks it was the best thing to do.
i thought Brexit was a brave move ( abandoning the EU and following their own fate ) but the political class ( mostly ) sold them out

i am extremely disappointed with the UK governments since the public voted to Brexit , nearly all the sitting members ( both parties ) should lose their seats ( forever)

i could see the EU disaster well before Ukraine/Russia/Covid i would love to know if Repo Madness was actually bailing out the Swiss and EU bank systems

but at least British Government incompetence is clear to anyone looking ( the EU has so many 'public servants ' passing the blame looks like a hockey game )

i think Brexit was the correct choice and increased my exposure during the market shock Brexit caused , but i didn't count on the Globalist politicians in power
Britain's VUK shares rose 38 % to 216 pence.
That's pretty close to Nationwide's 3 Billion Pound offer of 220 p / share , that will take Nation Wide ( with 3 times as many customers as Virgin Money's 6 million ) past Nat West Bank to become the 2nd largest UK mortgage provider after Lloyd's Banking Group .