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VLUE - VanEck MSCI International Value ETF

Dona Ferentes

A little bit OC⚡DC
11 January 2016
Fund description: VLUE gives investors a diversified portfolio of 250 international developed market large- and mid-cap companies, with high value scores as calculated by MSCI at each rebalance. VLUE aims to provide investment returns before fees and other costs which track the performance of the Index.

Index description: The MSCI World ex Australia Enhanced Value Top 250 Select Index measures the performance of 250 international large- and mid-cap companies selected from the MSCI World ex Australia Index with high value scores relative to their peers at rebalance. Exclusions apply for weapons and tobacco.
  • Dividend frequency: 1 per year
  • Management costs: 0.40% p.a.
International companies exhibiting value characteristics
Access a portfolio of international companies that are selected for their high value score relative to sector peers as measured by MSCI based on:
(i) price to book value;
(ii) price to forward earnings; and
(iii) enterprise value to cash flow from operations

Has been operating for about a year, inception 08 Mar 2021,, and has about A$140million in it. Unhedged

And a certain amount of cynicism in that now growth and tech are on the nose, so now they're pushing this one.
A bit of a volume spike and money inflow on this ETF as well.

VLUE volume spike.png