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TRL - Tanga Resources

Nov 22, 2011
Re: AVK - Argentina Mining

Anyone buying into this stock? It looks promising.


Make the drill work for YOU
Jun 20, 2007
Re: AVK - Argentina Mining

No chatter on ASF about Argentina Mining, announcement out today regarding extension to their Cerro Blanco Project.

Flagship Cerro Blanco Project Area of Influence increased by 159%
• Strategic and geologically prospective ground holding
• Expands Cerro Blanco Project area by almost 21,000Ha or 159%
• Geochemistry and alteration imagery highlights exploration targets.
• 5 year Option to Purchase 100%,
• Alteration zones at Despoblados and La Fortuna trend into optioned ground

Divisoria Project – extending the Cerro Blanco Project area
On 3 July 2012, Argentina Mining’s wholly owned Argentine subsidiary, Entropy Resources SA (ERSA), signed a five (5) year Option to Purchase with an Argentine national and geologist, relating to the 20,641Ha “Divisoria” Project, a suite of tenements which are mostly contiguous with the southern, eastern and western boundaries of Argentina Mining’s 12,955Ha Cerro Blanco Project in San Juan Province, Argentina

Agreement Details
The Agreement gives ERSA the exclusive Right to Explore, with an Option to Purchase a 100% interest in the tenements for a period of five (5) years, until 30 June 2017

AVK also have the Tres Amigos Project
A campaign of mapping and sampling of artisanal underground mine workings at Tres Amigos was undertaken in March 2012. The objective of the program was to gain an understanding of the extent and type of mineralization styles in the project area and an insight into the spatial and temporal relationships of the radial veins systems peripheral to the main intrusive porphyry body at the centre of the project.
• Geophysics defines 2 high-chargeability targets, between surface and 400m depth• 8.67g/t gold and 0.35% copper over 30cm in sampling of Vladimiro Mine veins

San Francisco Project РLas Le̱as Valley
Following the refurbishment of over 55km of access road during the December 2011 quarter, new work undertaken at the Las Leñas Valley Prospect, in the San Francisco Project, during the reporting period included:
• Construction and improvement of 6km of access road
• Excavation of 10.7km of sampling trenches
• 2 preliminary reconnaissance expeditions of 10 and 3 days duration to map and sample the most promising epithermal veins
• Preliminary geological mapping of lithology with major silicified areas, quartz dikes and associated structures

In the first sampling campaign, 112 rock-chip samples tested the broad geochemistry around Las
Leñas, with 5 samples yielding gold greater than 100ppb, up to a maximum of 1120ppb (1.12 g/t), from chip samples over a distance of 2 to 3m across veins.
In the second sampling campaign, 34 rock-chip samples were taken on or near a large prominent NNW-trending epithermal quartz vein, with 8 samples yielding gold greater than 100ppb, up to a maximum of 332 ppb, from rock-chip samples over sample widths across the vein structure of no greater than 0.4m per sample. Results and value distribution for both programs are summarized in Figures 14 & 15 which show distinct gold anomalism associated with the main vein structure.
So far, approximately 60% of the Las Leñas target area has been examined. A number of areas of intense oxidation and widespread silicification have been identified, with two particular zones of oxidation being differentiated.

• 3.7km long mineralized epithermal vein system mapped
• Reconnaissance rock-chip sampling of major vein yields 1.12g/t Au
• Extensive surrounding hydrothermal alteration and gold anomalism

Just under 60m FPO shares and $900k in the kitty.



Jun 27, 2010
On December 5th, 2014, Argentina Mining Limited (AVK) changed its name and ASX code to Tanga Resources Limited (TRL).