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14 February 2013
We use multiple trading systems to actively trade on exchanges, some manually and some fully automated.

All analysis and backtesting is done in Amibroker and we have built a separate overarching custom software to help us automate the full pipeline.

However, I often notice that when someone says ‘trading system’, everyone starts thinking of intelligent ways of deriving BUY and SELL signals that generate profits. The reality of the situation is that a trading strategy contributes approximately 30% towards your profit the remaining 70% of contribution comes from the framework that surrounds the trading strategy. If you do not have the right framework around your trading strategy then you are bound to fail, guaranteed.

We are now offering the trading system template for you to use and is built for Amibroker analysis tool however the basics of framework are universal and can be ported over to your tool of choice.

Here is the link to download:

Do you think something like this, i.e. template that helps you concentrate on getting your strategy right instead of building the framework from scratch, is helpful?