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Trading international options from Australia

6 August 2021
This question is about the best broker in AUSTRALIA (such as IB , SAXO, IG etc) to trade international options. For trading SP500 Index options strategies such as strangle/straddle, which is the best broker who allows collateralized margin also with low fees?

For example, we invest into ETFs and use that investment as a margin for trading options and also hold some cash for handling MTM losses. While I am doing DYOR, I also want to collect feedback/suggestions from fellow traders. Thanks.

Also is there any regulations in Australia that I need to comply with for entering into Options trading in international markets?

Note: I have read a lot of no good stories about trading options in Australia based brokers or in ASX (illiquidity issue etc) ; so seeking advice about how to enter into the options selling business in Australia.

if there are no better ways to trade international stock/index options, forex pairs such as EUR/USD AUD/USD can be traded for options with above said conditions (collateralized margin and trade Forex options?)
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From my experience and from what you say you want, IB.

There may be others, but none are australian-based.