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Trading in fresh water, fresh air

30 June 2008
As people around the world come to terms with depleted environments and the strains of living in polluted COVID ridden cities, teh economic opportunities of selling clean fresh air are multiplying.

Perhaps this company could be a good investment? And before you dismiss it as fanciful it was only a few years ago that someone decided that producing "special" bottled water could be a booming industry.

Give the Gift of Fresh Air​


Longing for the great outdoors in lockdown?​

Bring the seaside home with a planet-friendly gift and support the NHS with our new range of specially captured air bottles, Souven-Air™.
These are strange times and we’re all feeling the effects in a number of different ways. While many of us are juggling the stresses of home life, from homeschooling to missing loved ones, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other key workers are fighting hard to keep the country safe. These heroes-without-capes are working round the clock and risking their lives in the process.
To say thank you and help in the fight against COVID-19, we’re donating the proceeds of our Souven-Air™ bottles, full of the fine, fresh air from some of the most beautiful beaches in Essex. Profits will go straight to our local NHS as well as to a number of charities, including Havens Hospices, Age Concern and the HARP Homeless charity.
Buy a bottle today and help us help our NHS heroes.

Dear customers,​

We are pleased to inform you that despite the new UK Government Guidelines relating to freedom of movement, our air captures will continue to be available for purchase on our website.
Due to our desire to capture the cleanest air, very early in the day, locations already advertised on our website may differ from those we can access at this difficult time. This will result in fewer captures at one location, resulting in a more unique product.
We can assure all our customers that our captures will continue to be of the highest quality, continuing to be mapped and monitored as normal.
Recent data has detected a reduction in air pollution at our chosen locations, further assuring you of the highest quality coastal air.