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TNA - Tartana Resources

Discussion in 'Stocks Q-Z' started by System, Jul 5, 2019.


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  1. System

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Tartana Resources Limited has a mission to become a significant copper and zinc company through development of its existing projects and the acquisition of new projects.

    The company currently has a number of projects with varying exploration maturity levels:
    • Tartana Copper and Zinc Project in Northern Queensland
    • Zeehan Zinc Slag Project in Western Tasmania
    • Mt Hess Copper- Gold Project – Queensland
    • Amber Creek – Molybdenum-Tin-Tungsten Project – Queensland
    Tartana proposes to use the funds raised from the IPO to undertake drilling on the projects within the Tartana Copper and Zinc Project mining leases: Queen Grade Zinc Project, Copper Oxide Project, Copper Sulphide Project and the Valentino Copper-Gold-Silver-Cobalt Project. In addition the Company will spend funds to advance the Zeehan Zinc Slag Project, commence initial exploration on the Mt Hess and Amber Creek Projects and under-take project generation.

    It is anticipated that TNA will list on the ASX during August 2019.


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