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The threat of US as a Superpower

28 May 2020
An Australian Pilot is being held in a tightly controlled supermax prison on the behest of US austhorities.

from ABC News

How is it that our Government allows this to happen?
Are we so beholden to the Yanks that we arrest our own citizens at their behest?
Where are are all the civil libertarians? Julian Burnside anyone? What about Geoffrey Robinson, or Gillian Triggs? the Greens?
Why is not 4 corners all over it, the Guardian, geez even Milligan is quiet.
On the other hand, given the way Australia treated another of its citizens, Julian Assange, I am not surprised.
Going back to the original posting, the Pilot in question is still being held in a maximum security prison in NSW.
Been there for six months without charge.
Its an absolute disgrace that all the people who complain so frequently about the human rights of everyone else have been trampled, have not uttered a word.
Wheres Julian Burnside, or Gillian Triggs, Tim Wilson?
All MIA.
Shameful treatment of an OZ citizen by a nation that regards itself as at the forefront of human rights.