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Most liked posts in thread: The ScoMo Government

  1. PZ99

    PZ99 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    May 13, 2015
    "ALP policies on IR, trade & tax" LOL

    Wasn't it the federal Coalition Govt that blocked the Victorian ALP trade deal with China ?

    Wasn't it the Coalition state Govts that fixed wage rises at 2.5% for public servants ?

    Wasn't it the Abbott Govt that increased super tax on low income earners and excise on fuel ?

    Shouldn't the Coalition be taking this magic lead from Uncle Sam instead of being hypocrites ?

    Maybe they could start by backing penalty rates ?
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  2. orr


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    May 15, 2008
    Surprised??? That a totally self-possessed blabber mouth, millennialism tub thumper that loves nothing more obfuscation, ditests any scrutiny of his actions or that of members of cabinet and the peudo protecting head of his Church, know the name Brian(pocket $$tuffer)Houston. A PM Who presides over a policy vacuum so rarified that its only saving grace is its impending implosion... has gone missing when there's serious stuff at a federal level to be done..
    Nah... for this gibber'a, it's par for the course...

    C-130 Hercules have roll on roll off fire bombing capacity... Australia has how many of these units to go with our Herc's???... It's big round and there's a whole in the middle.
    How many billion$$ on slated Submarines and the and the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike turd.

    ....'But someone would have had to predicted these type of events'.....

    Schmo Morrison would recognise 'clear and present danger' if it was his own arse on fire...
    Don't forget his putting Nixon in the pillory when she went out to have something to eat while Dandennongs were well alight..
    Like too many god botherer's at heart he's a frightened hypocrite.

    Ohh. and sad to see Eddie Obeid is out jail... but probably not for long.
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  3. Knobby22

    Knobby22 Mmmmmm 2nd breakfast

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    Oct 13, 2004
    Well they lost Wentworth and it was great to hear the Liberal spokesperson on the ABC coverage talk about needing to change the climate change policies.

    I want my Liberal Party back. They need to tell Rupert, Bolt and all the USA style Republicans style politicians to f off. They just threw away a great leader.
    The first step should be to get rid of Tony Abbott and demand Newscorp hand back the money that was given to them. I am still angry. t