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SYA - Sayona Mining

I met a guy at work in 2019 who was crazy keen on SYA, he knew all about the company and had been convinced by a youtuber/influencer to put all his spare money in and he did @ just under 4c, was like 35K or so as he was just a working dude, time passed and the SP started running up and i was jealous cos he was right and sitting on about 80K when he left for a new job.

My parting advise was to set a sell target or at least a profit target, sell half, something because i worried as he was determined to see it thru and never sell until it was a million and he was set for life. He was more of a punter than a proper investor, I dont know what happened but looking at the chart he would of been sitting on about 350K at the top.

Be a hell of a thing to give that all back with the stock now back under 4c cents.