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Swing Trading High Value

18 November 2021
Hello you wonderful and intelligent people, i do hope you are enjoying your weekend and keeping well.

I have been reading alot about swing trading and with a demo account practising alot of trades. I know alot of people in December 2020 bought ENZC stock (OTCMKTS: ENZC) when it was around 0.090 USD and this rised to around 0.55 USD in February 2021. This company is a drug development company that potentially has a successful treatment for HIV. I please wondered what indicators you would look at in December 2020 as an example with this stock that would make this a buy for swing trading please and what stop loss you could potentially set? If anyone had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for any advice you can give. Take care and hope you are doing well. All the best.
The indicator to me is the proportionally monstrous volume in mid September.

It sticks out like the proverbials.