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Stuff for your PC and laptop... at better than bargain prices

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kincella, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. kincella


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    Jun 29, 2007
    the last 2 USB Hubs I bought at Officeworks were $30 each...
    today in Kmart I came across this Starters Pack, for $10...
    it has 6 pieces...
    a 4 port USB hub,
    a mouse,
    web cam
    key board
    mouse pad

    so each piece is less than $2 each
    all work beautifully, just plug and play
    there is a disc for the web cam connection

    I also picked up a pair of speakers at Kmart for $10...or you can pay $20 for the ones with sub woofers
    Dick Smiths speakers were $30, so too officeworks
    I dont shop online, tried it twice, both times the mongrels each took $250 out of my account, I got it back, but it took months
    Office works had a 4 port USB hub online for $4.00
    thought I would share these bargains with you
    ps I am taking the $30 usb hubs back, get my $30 bucks back
  2. kincella


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    Jun 29, 2007
    small hiccup
    I thought the USB hub was working...but not today...until I fiddled with the line from another USB hub...and bingo..it worked....tested it on both machines,,,one with windows 7, the other Vista
    works perfectly on Win 7
    but a bit of fluttering on Vista..(my work horse pc)
    anyway I am sure I have several of those fittings....they are the ones that plug into your mobile phones, and camera's
    at worse, I can take the box back and swap it...find one that the wire/lead is not faulty
    the mouse works perfect...the speakers are fine, and I can get the usb hub working..I am not interested in the web cam..but the keyboard may come in handy...

    I have been using computers since 1985...or earlier...almost 30 years....and many computers have been my friend, then either died, or I upgraded them...

    but only one has let me down....the keyboard on a pc bought April 2010...some of the letters on the keyboard have gone to heaven...so I may need that other keyboard after all

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