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South Australian women the happiest


Apr 18, 2007
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Don't know what to make of this report.

I guess SA with it's good food and wine culture, and cheery souls like Maggie Beer around the place, there are many reasons to be happy.

Commiserations to the poor depressed Tasmanian women!

Our NSW women don't rate a mention. Too busy beating up coppers after pub closing I suppose.
"NT women are the most sexually satisfied in the country, while South Australians the happiest, a study shows. Western Australian women get the most sleep - with at least seven hours of shut-eye a night, according to Women's Health magazine's Biggest Health Check survey.

Victorians are the least likeliest to suffer diet-related illness.

However, it is in SA where the nation's healthiest and happiest women reside.

Our residents are an unstressed bunch and are 27 per cent less likely to have high blood pressure than other Aussies.

Adelaide is rated the friendliest city in the nation and we are the most concerned about fat levels and our diet.

Woodville West is also said to be the best place for a woman to find a male partner, with a ratio of three single men for every single woman.

A lack of sunlight is blamed for causing higher-than-average rates of depression in Tasmania, with women there 40 per cent more likely to experience depression.

Women's Health, which publishes the full results of its research today, surveyed 25,000 Australians to examine trends in lifestyle and physical and mental health.

'It's important we recognise the importance of healthy living and this guide is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on their personal health and happiness,' editor Felicity Harley said."