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South African Racist ANC Government and the Genocide of whites

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dutchie, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. dutchie


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    Nov 23, 2004
    South African whites are being murdered by the racist ANC government.
    MSM is reporting nothing. Social media is.
  2. Sparx


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    Aug 29, 2013
    Really? There were around 19000 murders in South Africa 2016/2017. According to the statistics I could find farm murders are dropping and are only a tiny fraction of the overall (around 60 murders)
  3. newanimal


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    Aug 3, 2008

    "MSM is reporting nothing. Social media is."

    yet so many still believe nothing unless corporate MSM tells them so... amazing.

    Since the summer of 2017 there have been more than 380 violent attacks on white farmers in South Africa. More than 80 of those attacks have been fatal. These attacks have been marked by extreme brutality. Not just simple robberies, victims and officials have documented their loved ones being raped, tortured, forced to watch their loved ones subjected to unbelievable cruelty sometimes over the course of days before being murdered or left for dead.

    One woman named Ieen Diahur is part of a duo known as the Blood Sisters. She told journalist Lauren Southern about the extreme brutality she has borne witness to. The Blood Sisters have taken it upon themselves to help clean up after these bloody and horrific events, going into victim’s homes to remove bodies and clean blood and entrails from crime scenes. She describes one scenario where a woman was being raped and tortured in her bedroom while her baby was left in the bath. The baby, just two years old, managed to escape the tub and crawled to her mother’s dead body, only to be murdered himself.

    Another woman talks about the brutal murder of her father who was shot in the gut and while trying to escape was subjected to numerous nonfatal gunshots before being executed.

    In November of 2017, as many as 20,000 whites gathered in Johannesburg for the Black Monday March to protest the slaughter of white farmers in South Africa. It was a quiet and peaceful event where this population made their bitter grievances known to the public. Shamefully, the BBC reported the event as a gathering of angry white-supremacists.

    Here in the United States, an increasing number of people will not be surprised by this kind of destructive media spin of an event where a group of people stand up for their rights in a political environment that is increasingly turning against them. Similar sentiments are rising in all of the major western countries where white people- regardless of their income and opportunities are being shamed as oppressors and accused of enjoying “white privilege.”

    In South Africa, the situation has taken a more violent turn, and the South African government bears direct responsibility for this. They have openly called for the removal of white farmers from the region. This has emboldened violent activists and criminals to target these farmers. The police and the government are extremely lenient with those who commit these crimes against the whites, making it possible for criminal gangs to make their livings plundering these homesteaders.

    The African Continent has a long history of genocidal political movements with some of the most famous having occurred in Rwanda and Uganda. This history makes it even more difficult for these farmers to be heard since they are seen as especially deserving of this treatment since they share a skin color with those who once enforced Apartheid.

    During all of this, western media is completely silent on the issue. After a simple Google search of the term “south africa white genocide,” the following news organizations appear on the first page of results;


    Not one major western mainstream news outlet has given even a moment of coverage to this story. What’s more, the list of outlets that are covering the story contains zero left-leaning publications.

    After conducting a search of cnn.com using the same search term, we found zero results on the violence against white farmers in South Africa. Zero.

    It was one thing when the left turned its back on the working class in the 1960s, but now they have turned against an entire ethnicity in a stunning jaunt of open racism that is currently threatening to drive the entire western world into a civil war.

    Last year the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, called for the confiscation of land owned by whites without compensation. While it might be politically inconvenient for the South African government to actively take this land using the army, it is an entirely different thing to quietly give criminal organizations the freedom they need to terrorize farmers into fleeing the land.

    Some might argue, however coldly, that the land owned by these farmers was handed down to them by unlawful conquerors. Even if that is the case, these farmers are eeking out a meager living working the land passed down to them by their ancestors. These are not rich industrial agricultural installations. These are humble farmers working the land to feed their families in the only way they know how- not unlike many Americans living in inland America today.

    ~ American Liberty Report

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