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Most liked posts in thread: SMSF Changes July 2018 - TBAR Reporting Requirements Pension Accounting

  1. sptrawler


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    Jul 3, 2009
    Yes, it is pretty onerous reporting, which may well be just to make sure you aren't going over your transfer balance cap.
    But as that could be easily captured, and rectified in the end of year reporting, I mentioned it could be used for other purposes.
    I got shouted down with conspiracy theory, trash talk, so hey I really don't care.
    But it is a heads up,IMO.
    Way over the top reporting, for what would be a very small issue, that could be corrected or stopped very easily.
    It appears to me to be more of a reporting monitoring function, than a serious flaw in the cap policy, that requires immediate reporting.
    But hey, I'm just a pleb, as most keep reminding me. LOL
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