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SGR and CWN up this morning?

2 July 2017
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I can see no reason for SGR (Star Entertainment Group) and CWN (Crown Resorts) to be up respectively 5.18% and 4.36% as of a few minutes ago. I would have expected them to be Decliners, not Gainers. Surely with the stage 4 Covid restrictions in Melbourne, these organisations won't fare well. This can't be the market factoring in 'the future'?? How far into the future can one expect them to do well. The most recent announcements I could find for both are 24 July (Covid restriction announcement and Update on liquor and gaming enquiry).
Similarly, I am surprised ASX is up so far this morning. Would love to hear what other think about performance of ASX 200 and these 2 stocks. What am I missing.