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Reinvigorate Stock Chat during Extreme Financial Crisis

Dona Ferentes

Baron Samedi
Jan 11, 2016
Gentle folk,

the call has gone out; Joe, moderator par excellence of ASF, recently said, in the thread
...I must make the following very clear.
1. Stock chat is not going anywhere.
2. If anything, General Chat will be abolished because it is a constant thorn in my side...
and shortly afterwards
...lack of stock chat at ASF is the only threat to its continued existence.
So here is some (general) stock chat:
1. Investors who participated in the flurry of equity raisings by ASX-listed companies in May and June have enjoyed an average return of 59 per cent since, with small-cap stocks offering the most lucrative gains.
2. the 50 top-performing capital raisings over the period, a full 49 were by companies with a market below $150 million. Mostly, these were with the greatest discounts.
3. the biggest winners were gold and silver exploration companies, with average returns of 103 per cent across the $1.2 billion in equity raising activity by 39 companies. The broader mining sector offered average returns of 83 per cent and technology companies saw returns to investors of 51 per cent.

(Did you get your share? I put $48K into 5 raises, haven't sold, and pricing shows they're now carried at $121K.)

4. Commsec is capturing growth during this period of extreme volatility in global sharemarkets, with 400,000 new accounts established on the platform over the last year. I'm sure the other platforms are seeing new accounts.
5. Millenials are having a punt. Some are buying "boomer stocks" but many are into tech, IoT, disruptives as well as gold and green-extractive miners. Also playing in the ETF space, as witnessed in chats.

So, lets make stock chat go somewhere (and remain where it currently is, in this aptly named Forum of Aussie Stocks ). Don't be shy, now.

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