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Recommended CFD brokers?

Aug 9, 2016
I would recommend CMC Markets. They were always good to me in both stockbroking and CFDs. Their CFD platform is top notch too.
Jun 16, 2017
Are you after direct market access or Market maker? or does not matter .
I have started a very small account with FP Markets . DMA
$10 Trade min, free simple iress investor platform which is ok for end of day.
Only problem is platform times out after about 5mins.
Have not tried to withdraw , but they have a good reputation.
Dec 25, 2012
Interactive Brokers Aust have started CFDs. They have the lowest fees and interest for stocks and indexes but their margin requirements are higher so might be more useful if you only use CFDs to supplement other strategies. You have to pay for live feed but you might be able to use prices from other brokers for that.
Apr 24, 2020
Don’t use CMC CFD platform they are too highly leveraged and expensive. That being said they are legitimate and don’t seem(looking over the web) to have ripped anyone off recently. My advice don’t trade CFDs, they ca only really be used to hedge Long portfoilios.

Saxo offer the best platform to Aussies, white label and has many more tradable instruments than the American platforms. Also has CFDs that aren’t ridiculously leveraged so you can use them reasonably safely in a LongShort trading strategy

I have both CMC and Saxo platforms, but mainly use Tradestation. Saxo better for Aussies

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