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Port Phillip Publishing?

Discussion in 'Trading/Investing Resources' started by Cradled Gold, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Cradled Gold

    Cradled Gold

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Daily Reckoning Australia - Port Phillip Publishing; Diggers and Drillers; Canavan?

    Ok, I started reading around to look at further investment possibilities and these guys come up. I get the Daily Reckoning news letter and then all these videos and 'spins' on how to make money if you invest in Individual news letters - each wanting over $100 - $500 each! So, is it about THEM making money on a 'spin' or are these guys worth an invested look? Hmmmmmm...any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I don't really feel like being 'stung'.

    I do not believe that all is well in China, Europe and the USA, inevitably having a roll on effect on us. Making the rights choices now is more significant than in years past. I do believe that there are some clued in ppl out there who can offer some solid guideance and was wondering if I am going in the right direction.

    Anyone who has had past experience with these advisors and would like to share their 'insights' would be appreciated.

  2. tinhat

    tinhat Pocket Calculator Operator

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    May 1, 2009
    Re: Finding the right answers... is there ever one?

    If you do a search here you will find that there has been at least one previous thread about them. I haven't subscribed to their newsletters. The one thing that turns me off them is their sales technique. It's one thing to be a mega-bear on the market and on global macro-economics. That's an understandable position. I find that their marketing goes beyond that though. It's emotionally manipulative and my personal opinion is that it prays on people's fear. Its a funny mix of greed and fear and I don't think that smells right. The sales technique seems to be to play on emotional fear, instil a lack of confidence in the investor's outlook and their ability to navigate their investment decisions against a backdrop of doubt and fear then offer a solution to potentially make very large returns if you just subscribe and listen to what their experts, who have special secret information, tell you what to do.
  3. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow Administrator Staff Member

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    May 28, 2004
    As this thread appears to be about the company Port Phillip Publishing I have re-named it to reflect that.
  4. Cradled Gold

    Cradled Gold

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Thanks Joe, I was not sure exactly how to title my query.

    Too true, TinHat...it is an unfortunate quality within mankind to instill fear to potentially motivate ppl into a biased direction. That is why I started here to seek out other independent investors for their advice/opinions. I appreciate the feedback.

    However, one cannot help but notice some of the global trends...and at the same time, remember not to "throw the baby out with the bath water"...well, for some it may seem like the most logical thing to do to easy the 'tension' one can feel from some of the more unsavoury moments. And so it is, I do not feel that I should completely ignore the advice of these guys, but am interested in making a small investment where I will could get some 'level headed' information...if that is possible in this present economic state of affairs. I don't like the idea of having to pay hundreds to each advisor/newsletter, etc. I don't mind doing a bit of research either.

    For example, I will be looking at if it is true that silver is about to run out in around 5 years and therefore could increase up to $150 and ounce in a short period of time. Huge claims can seem a bit like looking for that one hit that will send you flying. Some of the claims these guys make are almost unbelievable and alarm bells ring a bit when so much money is promised...the great capitalist dream...'Everyone wants to be a millionaire' and yet, not everyone can possibly 'get rich quick' without getting burned by the heat generated to get there. I don't want to get burned!

  5. Alfonso


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    Feb 7, 2013
    I am new to investing and looking at the world in an investing/trading way. I have suscribed to some of their newsletters and found them interesting.

    Whether I subscribe to their views or not maybe another matter, but there is no doubt that they have deepened my understanding of the fundamentals. Some of the views may seem a contrary but it has broadened my view.

    They may well have added to my portfolio quite a bit ...but let's see what a bit more time does to it.
  6. Iggy_Pop


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    Mar 10, 2009
    I tried them for a couple of years and never did any good. I was receiving the Diggers and Drillers, Small caps and wealth newsletters. I did find the wealth newsletter ok and the recommendations were good as well as the information on world economics. The other two seemed to give tips very late in an uptrend. With everyone receiving their tips at the same time, the newsletter was creating a peak. From there it seemed there would be a down trend until 50% of your money was gone and then you would see a sell recommendation.

    I do recall one trade that did OK making over 150% but still would be behind

    The biggest frustration I had was a long newsletter explaining either history or fundamentals and how you could make 1000% of percent if everything goes well. Really they were trade, not long term investments so I 'found the newsletter contradictory. The last 2 years small caps have struggled, and probably didn't help, as the previous years looked ok.

    Now that I am no longer part of it, it will most likely go ok. But I do have to admit the best recommendations came from the members of the Hot Copper forum - SDL, CTP; PEN, AVB etc
  7. Iggy_Pop


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    Mar 10, 2009
    AYN was one of the Diggers and Drilllers recommendations. I recently sold at a loss after taking their advice. Suggest looking AYN if you are thinking of using the service. The recommendation to buy was at 12c. This was the peak. Today they are 1.9c and look to be struggling. They did give a sell advice at 4c.

    Irrespective of what recommendation you take, I have learn't how important it is to do your own research.
  8. Alvin Purple

    Alvin Purple

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Sharemarkets have existed since the 1600s.

    And the driving forces behind them have always been the same two: Fear and Greed.

    And it is still the same after 400 years, and it is not likely to change anytime soon.
  9. excelcalcs


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    Mar 30, 2013

    I've looked at their various newsletters over the last few years, and backtested
    quite a few of their recommendations. If I'd acted on all the advice that I read,
    I wouldn't have done all that well overall ...

    For me, the newsletters are generally too long-winded and full of hype and pitch,
    emotional sales techniques aimed at capturing you by feeding fear or greed.

    My favourite email newsletter headline from earlier this year:
    "Unusual Market Conditions Mean it Could be Time to Buy or Sell". Great advice!

  10. monkton


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    Apr 21, 2013

    I found this site while searching for feedback on this mob.I too have been following their newsletters for a number of years & i'd have to agree with tin hat"s views.
    Subscribed to diggers & drillers,small caps & wealth report,the latter seemed okay & while I made some money on d&d,overall I lost money on this & had losses only on small caps,figured perhaps my timing was wrong & that these were 'punter stocks' after all.
    I then went with caravan,seemed level headed,a more conservative approach more to my style of investing.But after 18mths.I became concerned & after 2 years alarmed!The losses were mounting up & while there were some gains but they only balanced out the losses,i.e.. I went nowhere for this time.Now since gold & gold stocks have dropped this portfolio is under water.Many of his 'deep value' recommendations were things that no other 'contrarians' would touch,with good reason I came to understand.I haven't been a subscriber for some time now but am still feeling the pain.
    Keep in mind that these fellows don't bet on their own recommendations,canavan did originally but not once he became a 'fully fledged' associate of ppp,something he didn't point out to his previous subscribers.
    My only consolation is that I still have a job,so glad I wasn't retired when I started following them,thus my 2 cents worth,hope it's helpful.
  11. Gringotts Bank

    Gringotts Bank

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Thanks monk. Good report. Did you follow every single recommendation, or just some of them? If equal sums were invested in each and every recommendation, which of the newsletters out-performed the index?
  12. monkton


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    Apr 21, 2013
    Hi GB,

    I made a long reply but it seems to have been lost when I submitted it.So a short reply then:

    No,I didn't follow every recommendation with d&d or small caps & none of wealth game plan.

    But with caravan,yes.So with his I can say it didn't out-perform the index,but can't say about the others.
  13. Gringotts Bank

    Gringotts Bank

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Thanks for that. I suspect such newsletters are good fundamental filters if nothing else. They seem to go into a lot of detailed analysis from that perspective.
  14. swordfishBob


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    Jul 17, 2013
    One of their blurbs says:
    Here's a conundrum: What if they want to invest their own money somewhere? :confused: They'd have to either:
    - invest in something they don't like, or
    - NOT write about an investment they DO like.
  15. Gringotts Bank

    Gringotts Bank

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Can anyone work out who the company is from the following ad? Since Fox is involved, it's sure to be a winner. Some sort of food product. Abalone?

    Here it is:

    Make The Chinese Pay For Your Retirement

    Quick-thinking Victorian company spots the Asian growth opportunity of the decade. Read on and learn how you can
    grab a share of a $7bn windfall ”” plus income for life…
    Chinese shoppers are so desperate for one ‘luxury’ product they’re stripping shelves bare… But one company from Allansford, Victoria has more than enough to supply Chinese stores many times over…

    In fact, demand is so high for this product, the company supplying it is able to mark up its prices by SEVEN TIMES. Make a small investment in this firm today and you could start profiting from this windfall as early as November…

    Dear Reader,

    ‘If I can capture just 2% of the market, that’s 26 million people buying my product!’

    That’s why every company dreams of doing business in China.

    Imagine you could get $1 from each of those consumers. That’s $26 million in sales right there.

    In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal an Aussie company on the verge of doing exactly that.

    If they can get their product to market in China, they’ll be able to sell it at prices up to SEVEN TIMES higher than in Australia. That would change this small business, started by a bunch of farmers in the 1880s, into a major global company.

    This company is looking at a potential $7 billion increase in their annual revenue. If you make a small investment now, some of that could be coming to you. Just think of how that could change your retirement plans!

    I’ll get to the specifics in a moment. First, an introduction…

    My name is Nick Hubble. I’m editor of The Money for Life Letter.

    Every month, I research new, exciting and surprisingly simple ways to help Aussies generate money for retirement.

    I don’t talk about term deposits (which offer a measly 4% these days), super funds which returned an average of -0.17% over the last five years), or any of the conventional retirement ‘wisdom’.

    Instead, I look at everything from getting major companies to pay for your retirement and investing in fine wine, to slashing your medical bills with genome sequencing and the best overseas bolt hole for Aussies.

    The days of getting a job straight out of school, working for forty years before retiring to live off your pension are over. The conventional wisdom about retirement investing just doesn’t work anymore, and that’s why I started The Money for Life Letter to share ideas with Aussies just like you.

    Some of my ideas are about preserving retirement wealth so you can actually enjoy your golden years. But I also look at ways you can make money too ”” particularly how to generate income streams.

    Basically, I look into any opportunity that can help my readers live well in retirement without ever having to worry about running out of money.

    The company I’ve uncovered today is one of those opportunities.

    Let me tell you…

    Why Avalon airport could be your gateway
    to regular income in retirement

    Ever been to Avalon airport?

    I have once. By mistake. This little airport, located miles from Melbourne’s CBD, doesn’t see a lot of action.

    People usually only end up there if they’ve made a mistake trying to book flights from Melbourne’s main airport at Tullamarine.

    It’s the last place in the world you’d expect to discover a company helping itself to part of a $7 billion a year revenue stream

    But that’s exactly what’s about to happen…

    The idea began with a harebrained scheme back in 2011...

    The plan was to load 110,000 litres of one product you can’t get easily in China on to a jumbo and fly it from Avalon airport direct to Beijing.


    Because Chinese consumers would happily pay seven times the Australian retail price.

    A test flight carrying the precious cargo earlier that year had been a success.

    ‘Formal arrangements’ were made with distributors in China. Stores had shelf space ready to fill. Chinese customers were clamouring….

    And if everything worked as planned, Melbourne’s Avalon Airport was standing by to send three shipments a week.

    At stake for one small Australian company was a cool $105 million in annual sales revenue. More than that, they’d gain a crucial foothold in the fastest growing consumer market in the world.

    Shareholders in this Victorian firm would be in for a huge payday.

    But the flight never took off.

    The customers were never served.

    And the company’s share price tumbled.

    What went wrong?

    Put simply: Chinese customs weren’t willing to guarantee the goods would pass through quarantine within 17 days.

    That’s not much good when your product goes bad after one week!

    As the company’s CEO said, ‘You don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of product at some foreign airport’.

    The Australian company missed out on an incredible opportunity because it failed at the last hurdle.

    But it gets worse for this little Aussie firm. You’ll never guess who jumped on the bandwagon instead…

    The Kiwis! That’s right, our friends from across the Tasman grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

    New Zealand politicians nabbed the trade deal that Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu and Victoria’s Agriculture minister failed to clinch on their trip overseas in 2012. And Kiwi suppliers have been raking it in ever since.

    But the tide has turned back...

    Because of two big mistakes, the Aussie deal is back on.

    And it’s back on BIG TIME…

    Now an Aussie company is ready to land you
    a share of a $36.6 billion Chinese market

    Companies have been getting rich trading with China ever since the days of Marco Polo.

    But establishing trade with China is extremely difficult.

    Marco Polo had to deal with bandits, wars and plagues.

    Today’s companies don’t have it much better!

    Patents are stolen, products copied, safety standards ignored, and corruption is rife. It’s difficult just to make your product available in China in the first place.

    But not all goods can be copied. And for certain goods, quality is crucial. That means some foreign companies actually have the advantage over their Chinese counterparts.

    The Chinese prefer quality foreign brands for one good in particular ”” milk.

    I know that might be hard to believe.

    But, the Chinese have two good reasons to prefer foreign milk.

    Firstly, the Chinese don’t drink milk like we do. In fact, until recently they didn’t drink milk at all.

    As recently as ten years ago milk was virtually unheard of in China. However, thanks to China’s growing prosperity, middle class consumers are just now starting to buy dairy products.

    At the moment it’s only a small percentage of the population, but with a population as big as China it’s still an annual $36.6 billion market. What’s even more exciting is this trend has only just begun. This trickle of customers who think of dairy products as a luxury, will soon turn into a flood of consumers who buy milk as a daily necessity.

    What makes this a golden opportunity for Australian milk providers, and for their shareholders, is the higher price Chinese consumers are willing to pay for milk.

    The growing demand for foreign milk is a symbolic change for China’s consumers. Having a western-style diet full of western products is a sign of status.

    And they’re willing to pay a lot for that status.

    But more than that…

    Quality milk is a matter of life and death

    The second reason for China’s preference for foreign milk is much more simple ”” quality.

    And it’s why Chinese demand for dairy is already creating 400% returns for a few cunning traders in Hong Kong.

    I’m not sure whether you remember, but in 2008 Chinese farmers started adding a chemical called melamine to their milk. Adding melamine made the milk appear to contain extra protein. It meant farmers could sell it for a higher price.

    Unfortunately, melamine is highly toxic.

    Six children died and 300,000 fell ill before the melamine-tainted milk could be recalled. Consumers panicked, mothers desperately begged relatives overseas to send formula by mail, and powdered milk shortages occurred everywhere from Holland to Japan.

    The scandal ended up bankrupting one of China’s largest milk corporations, halting Chinese milk trade with 11 countries, and even saw a farmer and a milk salesman executed for endangering public safety.

    If you’ve never lived through a food contamination scare it’s hard to grasp how terrifying it is. Imagine waking up to find your morning milk is a potential killer. Now imagine everyone in the country is going through this – think of the chaos and panic that would cause.

    With nine people dead from the one dairy scandal, you can understand why the Chinese consumers want to opt out of this mess and simply buy foreign milk.

    To get an idea just how big an opportunity this Aussie dairy company has, you just have to look at how desperate Chinese consumers are to get pure, safe milk.

    Right now, China has a bigger black market
    for milk than heroin

    When the scandal first broke, it soon emerged that not all brands of milk were tainted.

    China’s Sanyaun milk didn’t test positive for melamine and so demand for its goods soared.

    The company’s share price rose 64% in one week.

    Similarly, Japan’s Asahi happened to launch its own brand of milk in China during the melamine crisis. Their goods flew off the shelves even though prices were double that of local competitors.

    My point is, having a foreign owned, quality brand selling fresh milk in China can translate to higher prices, more sales and a soaring share price.

    But why don’t the local Chinese companies just get their act together and produce decent milk?

    Well, they probably will ”” but not any time soon. The fact is China’s consumers have very little protection against bad goods.

    There’s no Trade Practices Act, ombudsman, ACCC, or Department of Fair Trading. In a country with so few food safety regulations, and so many food contamination scandals like this, companies live and die by their reputation.

    Now food buyers have lost faith in Chinese companies, they’re very reluctant to give local producers another chance. They prefer to simply buy foreign brands.

    How strong is that preference?

    News stories have emerged in Hong Kong of sellers known as ‘parallel traders’.

    These middle men fill up containers full of foreign dairy goods in Hong Kong and then ferry them across to the mainland to sell for a tidy 400% profit!

    In the 12 months before April this year, more people were arrested for smuggling milk than heroin.

    If businessmen smuggling milk powder are seeing 400% returns, just think of the profits a legitimate company regularly flying in premium milk could make.

    Here’s a simple, easy, and legal way you can
    make more than those smugglers ever will

    Chinese dairy consumers are so sensitive to contamination scandals that even foreign companies aren’t immune.

    Remember how I told you the Kiwis made two big mistakes? Here’s their first one:

    New Zealand dairy behemoth Fonterra’s milk powder recently tested positive for elevated dicyandiamide levels. The levels were well within safe measures, but all it took was the suggestion of contamination for Chinese consumers to dump their milk, which lead to Fonterra’s share price taking a hammering.

    The second mistake Fonterra made was to buy dairy producers in China.

    In other words, the fresh milk Fonterra sells in China is coming from Chinese farms. That cancels out the advantages of foreign milk in the eyes of a Chinese consumer.

    Fonterra has turned itself into a competitor of local Chinese milk providers.

    Therefore, it’s no longer a premium foreign milk provider with an impeccable safety record.

    That’s where the clever little Aussie firm I’ve discovered comes into its own.

    And its timing couldn’t be better…

    The great $7 Billion Dairy race is ON, and
    this company could put you in the lead

    Dairy consumption in China has been growing by a staggering 25% per year since the later nineties, and is showing no signs of stopping.

    Chinese distributors in negotiations with the company I’m recommending to you said that they wanted ‘as much milk as we can provide,’ and, ‘A billion litres [a year] to start was mentioned.’

    At current retail prices in China, that’s around $7 billion in revenue EVERY YEAR.

    But, if you invest in this firm, you won’t just benefit from capital gain. This company pays a good, steady dividend. At the moment it’s not a lot, but if that milk gets to China it could soon be massive.

    Make a small investment now and part of that $7billion revenue could soon be coming to YOU in dividend cheques twice a year, every year.

    Exactly how big is this opportunity?

    Even with Chinese distributors already demanding as much milk as Australia can send, the trend has barely begun.

    China’s milk consumption per person is only around half of Taiwan’s and a quarter South Korea’s, but that’s a massive increase from where they were even just five years ago. They’ve gone from being a country where dairy products were practically unknown to spending $36.6 billion a year on dairy products.

    All signs suggest that this increase in dairy consumption is barely the beginning of a massive shift in Chinese eating habits.

    There’s a global race to supply China’s booming market with premium, safe and quality milk products at high prices.

    And I believe one company is perfectly placed to win this ‘Great Dairy Race’...

    Soon this deal will be all over the papers,
    but by then you’ll have missed your chance

    As you’ve probably guessed, the stock I’ve got my eye on in is a dairy producer.

    It’s a small company based in rural Victoria.

    But if they manage to sell fresh milk to China they’ll tap into an enormous market desperate to buy their product at seven times the Aussie retail price.

    That could transform them from a small company into an investment that could help fund your whole retirement.

    So can fresh milk really be flown from Avalon airport into China?

    You bet.

    There’s much more to this story. You can get the full picture in a brand new report I’ve written. The report also contains a full investor briefing on the stock, including the name of the company, its ticker symbol, entry price and profit projection.

    I’ll show you how you can get your hands on a copy of my report in just a minute.

    What you need to know right away is that this is an incredible opportunity to fund your retirement. Until that first shipment takes off in November – it’s an opportunity no one else sees.

    And the best part is, even if the flight to China doesn’t work out, you should still see good profits from this firm.

    Why? Because…

    The $7 billion flight to China is
    just ONE of their projects…

    The Company has also:

    Signed deals to supply Coles, Mitsubishi and other big organisations with milk and cheese. This means they have a reliable source of profit.

    Received a $1.2 million dollar government grant to build a new cheese facility. So it should be more than able to deliver on all its contracts.

    A history of weathering financial difficulties. In 2012, despite market prices for dairy products falling 20-30%, the company only suffered a 1% drop in revenue.

    In the end, these are just some of the factors that show this is an established company, with a quality product, that’s selling something people really want.

    The company also pays a nice dividend. That’s a good steady earner that could shoot up if they can get their products to market in China.

    Now you’ve got officials on
    both sides working for you

    What you’re probably wondering is…

    Will this little Aussie company be able to fly its milk over to China?

    Can they get past Chinese customs?

    It’s all very promising. Distributors are working on an arrangement with Chinese customs to get the approval time reduced.

    With locals trying to influence the Chinese government, the chances of success are much greater.

    There’s also a lot of support coming from the Australian government.

    Politicians have spotted this as a great PR opportunity.

    Imagine how good an Australian pollie would look if he clinched a Chinese trade deal for Australia’s dairy industry.

    More importantly, what does this mean for investors?

    You could be looking at a 125% gain
    or more by the end of this year

    At this point I should offer you a word of caution.

    This is a risky play. The deal is not yet done ”” and could go either way. If this firm already had the green light to supply its milk to China, the share price would be much higher than it is. The fact is, there’s still a fair bit to sort out. So any investment is a punt at this stage.

    My view? I expect this firm’s share price to soar once any deals with China are announced. To understand why confirmation of a deal would send this stock sky high, just look at how much it rose on mere rumours of a deal.

    The first time speculation of a China deal appeared in the press, the stock rose more than 60% in seven months.

    The stock also jumped 125% on rumours of a takeover in 2010. There have been similar rumours lately.

    'Nick - Always enjoy the great information you provide. Love your feeds and info...it must be a great place to work with free reign to tell it how it is without having to answer to some editorial department with questionable agenda and shareholder control'

    ”” Allan Mountain

    'Nick ”” I really enjoy your less conventional view on the world, and find it rather useful. I have been planning my retirement for some time and hope to be able to do with in the next 3–4 years. I have a short list of places I've been looking at as a retirement escape residence (I'll only be 40 by then, so lots of time to live) and can't wait to see where you have on your list. All new ideas are always worth further investigation'

    ”” Chris

    'Thank you for being so honest, thank you for taking a stance, for being so open about your ideas, thank you for packaging up so much information in to an email that I can read in 10 min every day, thank you for bringing complex economics to simple fundamental terms that just make so much sense.'

    ”” Paul F

    You’ll get more details in the full report, but both of these scenarios are possible this year.

    But it’s the explosive growth in the company’s dividend that’s really interesting from a retirement-saver’s perspective.

    If the company can grow revenue rapidly by selling at higher prices to China you could reap the benefits in cash payments immediately (and every six months for as long as you hold the stock).

    Imagine getting paid to do nothing in retirement.

    You could sit back and relax while your money goes to work for you!

    Are you ready to take control
    of your retirement?

    There’s a lot more to tell you about this company and their exciting plans to expand into the Chinese market.

    I’d like to show you my full report on this exciting company, but in fairness to my paid subscribers I can’t just give you information they’ve paid for.

    To get instant access to the full report please click here and take a 30-day no obligation trial subscription to The Money for Life Letter.

    My monthly newsletter exists to show you how to take control of your retirement planning.

    I often focus on investing in the stock market because I believe that’s a great way to fund your retirement lifestyle, but I also look at ways you can save money, places you can retire to, ideas for protecting your wealth, and other fascinating topics.

    In past issues I’ve looked at:

    How you can retire to a tropical island paradise on less than it cost you to live in Australia….

    How to cut your power bill to zero and heat your home using a renewable resource more powerful than solar, wind or hydroelectricity…

    How to keep growing your retirement savings even if the stock market crashes…

    …And much more.

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    In every issue you’ll receive a detailed report about the most important and exciting retirement cash generating idea I’ve discovered that month.

    And of course you’ll get access to the Money for Life Letter archives, containing every past issue, report and other special presentation ”” it’s a priceless source of useful information you can put to use right now to create the kind of retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

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    Get all the information you need
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    I've spent months looking at ways you can enjoy a luxury retirement on the cheap...everything from holidays to hotels... restaurants... spas and other special treats that give you a million dollar feeling but won't break the bank.


    What’s more you’ll get my full report on the little Aussie company about tap into a $7 billion opportunity by exporting their milk to China. All the details are in my briefing ‘How to Turn Avalon Airport’s $7 Billion Flight Delay into Your Retirement’s Wildcard Investment’.

    Click this link right now and take a 30-day trial of The Money for Life Letter.

    Once signed up you’ll get instant access to the report with all the information you need to get in on this opportunity while it’s still hot.

    Click the link and you’ll go through to a secure order form where you’ll be charged $49 for your first year’s subscription.

    Forty-nine bucks. You’d spend that on a single round in the pub.

    It works out to just 13 ¢ a day…for the kind of retirement investment advice and insights most people pay thousands a year for. For that you’ll learn all about the most exciting Asian growth opportunity in a decade.

    Look, if you’re umming and ahhing, here’s what I’ll do. At any time in the first 30 days of subscribing you decide The Money for Life Letter isn’t right for you, let me know and I’ll give you your $49 back. You can even keep the report, with my complements.

    If you choose to stay on as a subscriber to The Money for Life Letter, I’ll renew your annual membership automatically ”” every 12 months ”” at the same bargain price of $49 until you tell me otherwise.

    Sign up now and I’ll give you instant access to my report on the company set to sell milk to China so you can get straight into the action.

    Right now Chinese demand for Aussie milk is roughly $7 billion – and it’s growing every year. Surely it’s worth a look at this opportunity?

    To make sure you don’t get left behind once that plane takes off…CLICK HERE.
    Best Wishes,

    Nick Hubble
    The Money for Life Letter

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  16. skyQuake


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    May 1, 2007
    This post might get deleted but anyways...

    Just google: $1.2 million dollar government grant to build a new cheese facility

    = Murray Goulburn

    Which means WCB
  17. Gringotts Bank

    Gringotts Bank

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Well done thanks sky. Chart's a bit messy but will keep an eye on it.
  18. freebird54


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    Jan 28, 2009
    They now have a new newsletter by an ex Financial Planner Vern Gowdie and he says sell all your shares now to protect your families wealth.

    So what are the other Port Phillip Newsletters going to do now ?
  19. monkton


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    Apr 21, 2013
    Hasn't this bloke advocated being in cash since '07 or '08 or so? Maybe it's ppp covering all bases so that whatever happens they can boast that one of their 'mob' got it right!
    Speaking of ppp,seems there's been nothing from dr.cowie or m.dawes for months on the free site,wondering if they're still involved?
  20. Tag


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    Sep 21, 2011
    I'm almost inclined to believe him this time.
    PPP recently had a cash-grab, in the form of offering access to ALL their subscriptions for an upfront cost of about $4k - 5k (I think) and a $99 ongoing annual fee to cover their paperwork.
    I may have read the offer incorrectly (or be completely off-base), but if I am correct then PPP want as much CASH as they can muster in the shortest time possible.

    Vern then comes along with specifically "non-stock" advice.
    It's possible that his offer will be made part of the "Alliance" (the all-in-one PPP offer), but I don't think it will.
    At $350 per year, it would be one of (the most?) expensive offerings that PPP have.

    Unfortunately I cannot provide details about their offer.
    The link for it comes up with the following information:

    SORRY The Port Phillip Publishing Alliance Invitation Has Expired
    The Port Phillip Publishing Alliance is our exclusive lifetime membership service. Alliance members pay a one-time fee and a small yearly membership fee to receive all of our best research for as long as we publish it ”” including any new services we launch (the only exception at this time is Slipstream Trader).

    If you have any questions, or would like more information, please call Michael or Trent on: 1300 029 501

    If you’d prefer to ask your question by email, or you’d like to go on a list to be informed, if and when we make any Alliance places available again, please enter your email address in the box below and click submit.

    It's the "including any new services we launch (the only exception AT THIS TIME is Slipstream Trader)" proviso that makes me think that Vern's advice will not be part of the package.
    If I were to look at this with a critical eye, I'd think that PPP Alliance is actually PPPack of Arseholes.

    Please feel free to correct me if I've provided incorrect info.

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