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Popping Festering Cankers

3 May 2019
Thought I would start a thread for the few ultra low price speccie stocks that go from festering canker status to total bankers in a relatively short space of time.

Hoping others will remember this thread and contribute as and when festering cankers pop. :droid:

This thread has been inspired by @peter2 and is not to be considered as recommendations, in any way, shape or form.

The risk involved in attempting to trade these is of an extreme nature, IMO and if you do trade these, expect the market to take your money.

So, the first cab off the rank...
Magnetite Mines. MGT.
I held this one for a 5 month period from around mid last year. Made a small loss I believe.

Yeah I bought DEG at 0.39. Up over 100% even when I was late to the party. The guys that bought in the single-digits must be laughing.

The festering wound I really wish I'd bought a decade or so ago is AMD. I can't remember the exact date but I was at uni at the time so obviously pretty light on money what with only being in my teens/early 20's but I can remember looking at it at around the $1.70 mark and it's now over $80. And that's before factoring in the exchange rate, which iirc, was over the $1 mark at the time. That adds roughly another 30% just there.

I was trying to convince my (incredibly) risk averse father to just throw a couple of grand at it and see. That'd be a lazy ~130k right now.
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The next festering sores to bounce are obviously going to be the travel related stocks like cruise companies etc.

The obvious question is when. Webjet, after the run it's had over the past fortnight or so, dropped 12% today. Absolutely absurd.
I'd love to participate but the young Cuban lass who rolls my cigars is of course subject to our COVID-19 border controls and therefore not not able to resume her Certificate IV studies in advanced hair foil colour treatment at the (private and very exclusive) Academy of Trichology, Sunraysia Campus.

Let's start a thread called how to pick the top? Or should we go and pick some fruit?
Oh here's a couple of penny stocks I was trading in the GFC that have gone just as bonkers lately:

SVL & SLR. SVL's roughly doubled in the last month, SLR's done it since the march lows.

Imagine if you were the poor schmuck that bought in 2011-2012:

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Thanks FR, I'm honored to be mentioned in a thread titled "festering cankers". :laugh:
Your welcome. :smuggrin:
Do you remember the context?
PDI. Mentioned in the dump thread.

I haven't looked at much since you labelled it.
Here's a 12 month chart showing its lotus like appearance around 5 months ago.


DEG wasn't really a festering canker in my books? I was close to taking a position before it spurted but funds were tied and limited at the time...
The point of this thread?

Look how that was flat now I can see it’s risen 100%?

Some here have made a motza by the looks
How Did you find them?
Why did you buy them?
Where and why will you sell them?

Unfortunately the thread title does nothing for
Marketing of the thread might be worth changing
To get more interest and participation .
Does PEN Peninsula Energy qualify?
If you think so...?

It raises the question, what determines a "festering canker" in the first place. Which may be the point of the thread?

Does a stock, which is a company and people's livelihoods (sometimes a succubus scam...), have the potential to climb or pop out of a sedentary long term sideways s'price trundle?
In the case of PDI, I never bought.
MGT, didn't hold long enough.
ROX, sold way too early.
TMX, never bought.

I dunno why I bother... if you don't want to contribute and can't be constructive, why post here at all?
me. :mad: