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Pip dreams - then I wake up :(


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Oct 15, 2007
Ok pip dream is bad pun (pipe dreams, geddit?) - and my dreams are more about being an options trader (US call options, with several months to expiry, holding for usually several days (strict entry based on moving averages and exits based on stop losses), on big volume/interest index and companies etc) full time.

Remind my why it's silly and doomed to failure. I'm debt and dependant free, a home owner, but I'm insanely undercapitalised with $40k or so to trade.

I'm not bragging but my intelligence is (lower) Mensa territory, like I'm sure many here.

I have very good self discipline - I actually work from home currently for a company in an unrelated field.

I KNOW many might say how horrible it is to trade all day, how boring and antisocial. This is not an issue for me as I'm the introvert-Asperger's type.

Does one really need to wait till 250k+ capital is ready to roll? With 40k capital I'd need to be making 100% gross every year MINIMUM - and even then I'd be earning rather less than now. Has anyone here done it for real - for years on end, doubling their capital? NOT paper trading!:p

Anyway I'm risk-averse in many ways so as yet have always got a grip, had a cold shower, metaphorically speaking, and banished such ideas...till the next time I have a particularly stressful work day.