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PAXX - Platinum Asia (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)

Dona Ferentes

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11 January 2016
Quoted on the ASX, PAXX provides a simple and convenient means for investors to gain exposure to an actively managed, diversified portfolio of Asian (ex-Japan) companies across industry sectors.

PAXX is a feeder fund into the underlying fund, the unlisted Platinum Asia Fund (PAF) that primarily invests in listed securities of Asian companies (excluding Japan).

PAF's portfolio will ideally consist of 30 to 80 securities that Platinum believes to be undervalued by the market. Cash may be held when undervalued securities cannot be found and Platinum may short-sell securities that it considers overvalued.

Incorporated in 2017, it has $90 million AUM.

Fees are 1.10 per cent pa, with a performance fee in play if certain targets are met.

@qldfrog, it appears to be another iteration of the unlisted fund, as is listed PAI. As a mFund, it will trade around NTA and not be subject to discount vagaries that affect LICs.

@Joe Blow, could move it to ETF thread, or even create a new Listed Managed Funds (and also one for LICs ) set of topics in
Just moved it to the ETFs A-Z forum for now. Will have a think about what, if any, changes should be made for LICs.
Joe, up to you

LICs and mFunds are a significant element of ASX activity. More for the buy n hold crowd, and often driven by adviser recommendations ... but that's another story.