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Own international shares directly, without broker, DRS

Discussion in 'International Markets' started by axyd, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. axyd


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    Aug 4, 2019
    You bought shares with a broker and think shares are yours. But in most cases they are not yours. You don't own shares you bought, broker owns it, you own only entitlement to that shares. And in some cases, it may go bad and you may end up with entitlement to nothing.

    I'm thinking what would be a good approach to register international shares without broker and be the actual owner? I don't mind higher fees and extra paperwork.

    I know it's somehow possible in USA to transfer stock from broker to DRS (via Computershare or something like that). But I want to diversify and also have stocks from Europe, Western Europe (Czech, Poland) and some Asian countries.

    Is there any Broker that would help with that paperwork and DRS registration but make you the direct owner?

    Or maybe any guide how to do it myself? In which countries it's easier to do? I guess I just have to pick like 3-5 countries where it's possible and relatively easy to do and stick with it.

    P.S. About international ETFs and broker and deposit insurance - I still would like to own it directly.

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