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Opinion on Tim Sykes and this vid?

Dec 13, 2015
smells like bs,

I'd like to hear this guy with out the spruiker , he sounds like a quant and crunches a lot of data , I doubt sykes has much to do with his success tbh . He might just be the 1 in 10,000 that hits home run first time to bat .. Sykes is the infomercial weak link here which reduces any credibility this young dude might have .. I'm not convinced either way


Everyone wants money
Aug 8, 2006
There are few who make the big bucks. I asked what percentage of the Challenge students have made the millionaire club and he replied -

Me - There should be some statistics regarding the percentage that have made it to one million net profit from those that have enrolled in the challenge. 1%, 5%. Anyone know? 1f914.png

Timothy Sykes
Depends on how hard you study, stats show 90% of ALL traders lose if they don't study so it's your choice entirely, but gotta cut the BS atittude real quick or just be like everyone else, your call
My opinion is the percentage of fails is the same whether you are enrolled in the Millionaire Challenge or not. The successes have the mind set needed to win in the game and they are few. Study is his sales pitch to buy more videos/products and join the momentum. I doubt the equity charts are net figures post tax. He does good for charities and wildlife so that kind of offsets the illusion.