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Old-School Platform for Notifications?

19 July 2014

Thought I'd post here as it proved to be a helpful resource many years ago.

I have a seemingly simple question to some of the more knowledgeable/experienced traders, one which I can't find as simple an answer as I hoped for.

I would like to receive notifications to my phone (app or sms). These notifications trigger on a a variety of basic stock metrics relating to trading volume, EMA, Elliot wave, or combination thereof, as an example. I don't need the platform to make any trades, I just want to have the information when it is relevant.

What would be the recommended solution? I used to dabble with Ninja Trader, Meta and AMI, but I realized my trading strength doesn't align with auto-trading.

I've just used my investment bank's platform the recent couple of years, though the notification system is clunky, and the metrics from which I can receive notifications is limited.

As a side-note, what is the comparable to MT/NT/AMI in the crypto world? More out of curiosity than any seriousness.